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  1. The clutch gang!

    Came to this party late because I just traded my JLUD for an SUV (for the wife) and took over her '21 Willys with a manual. I absolutely loved the auto with the diesel, but the shorter 2 door with a manual feels so much more like the Jeeps I've been used to over the years. The new tranny...
  2. JL Manual Transmission Questions

    I just moved from my '20 Rubi diesel with auto to a '21 Willys 2dr with manual. I LOVED that auto and as others have stated, had a problem with learning the new clutch (feels totally different than the '13 JK manual we had). but after a few days I've become proficient with it and enjoy shifting...
  3. 2021 Willys 2 Door Rake?

    Mine sits level. I put Rubi take off wheels and tires (33" BFG, stock wheels no spacers), and it looks better to me.
  4. Finally caved

    Yeah, no one has more than 2 or 3 new SUVs on the lot. Strange times.
  5. Finally caved

    She had a 13 two door stick since new, so she still likes them. We just didn't need two of them. She'll still be driving it quite a bit. BTW, I'm now in the red jeep family like you. :like:
  6. Finally caved

    Actually that 2022 Tucson is pretty loaded. It has that drive itself in and out of a parking space thing and a bunch of other things that keeps her glued to the manual to find out how to use it. I've always said buying a Harley or a Jeep gets you lawnmower technology, but seeing this thing and...
  7. Finally caved

    The wife was wanting an SUV that has more room and is more like a "car" than the Jeep. I offered to trade her for my 4 dr, but that didn't work. Checked Vroom and was offered 53k for mine, then went to Carmax and they offered 51k. Went over to the local Hyundai dealer and she fell in love...
  8. Florida Hike It X9 Premium

    Traded the 4 door, so selling the Hike It throttle controller with black faceplate. Works as new and makes a real difference with automatic equipped Jeeps. Fits all JL models as far as I can tell from their website. Comes with supplied instruction manual. 80 bucks shipped continental US.
  9. Rokblokz installed. First real addon lol

    I didn't have the flaps yet when our trip out west started. Ran down a rock road and found that the MT's pick up bigger rocks than the AT's did. Pelted the rear fenders pretty bad. Bought a set of RocBlokz and installed. Absolutely necessary if you travel at speed on dirt roads.
  10. Maybe a stupid question...

    Thanks. Tazer mini. Didn't know if it ran through the radio circuitry or what. I'll give it a shot today.
  11. Maybe a stupid question...

    Thinking of hooking up the Tazer to the 2 door ("21 V6) which has the smaller 5 inch display. Will the tazer work with this unit? Thanks for any guidance here.
  12. JL hood risers

    I've got the Redline units and love them.
  13. Will the 392 Join in the end game?

    Just hope they don't do what Ford did to the Mustang (Mach E). That is one ugly spud.
  14. Alignment question for the educated

    Yup, just got the longer Mopar arms on and what a difference! Thanks all for the tips and suggestions.
  15. Jeep Wave and 3.0

    Since I also got 4 free changes on mine, I get them done every 6 months so I get the 4 in the 2 year period not depending on on mileage. Getting the third one this Thursday.
  16. Regens after a month of ownership...

    Yeah, I think there's a lot of misinformation out there about the diesel that turns people away from choosing it as an option. For me, it's very reassuring to hear that clatter and feel the torque in off road situations. I absolutely love mine! Funny thing, I had a ScanGauge 2 sitting in...
  17. Alignment question for the educated

    Fuses,... Ball joints... they might as well sell these things in kit form. :headbang:
  18. Alignment question for the educated

    Haven't touched the ball joints. Really didn't think they would be the culprit as the jeep is only a year old, but I'll check. What's the torque on the ball joints supposed set at? I'm not due to take it in till late next week, but I'll have them check the alignment and post it here. I've...
  19. Alignment question for the educated

    Stock height (diesel). I had the steering box done as it had the old aluminum box originally, but it still has a little wander to it. I didn't think the caster was adjustable with stock control arms. Just wish it tracked as well as my JK did.