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  1. GROUP-BUY Oracle Flush mount taillights

    if this is legit, just post the price.
  2. Reverse light options

    i bought a pair of these off amazon and wired them to the trailer plug. they work pretty good. may add another pair.
  3. WAZE speakers issues

    the only issue i have with Waze is the female UK voices aren't sexy enough.
  4. Locker Position Sensor Potting - DANA 44

    sure as shit looks like it. but can you get them?
  5. New fender flare option for stock fenders

    i'll just wait for the factory ones.
  6. Dealership sold my 4xe without telling me

    why did you not get the vehicle VIN on the deposit receipt?
  7. Mopar Maximum Care. Good deal?

    that's the online price from the link above.
  8. Lets see those personalized plates!!!

    Not Jeep related, but I’ve had these on all my cars for the last 35 years. Just a huge fan.
  9. Mopar Maximum Care. Good deal?

    with mine being a DD, i put 20k miles a year on it. i need higher mileage, not time. they offer an "unlimited miles" option, but not on the wrangler :( i thought about getting just the Powertrain Plus warranty, but it's the extra stuff in the Maximum Care column that's going to die...
  10. Rear Quarter Panel step

    tire step?
  11. Can I adjust the heated steering wheel intensity.

    just long enough to take the chill off. then the cabin temp keeps it nominal. otherwise it's blazing hot.
  12. Fastback Hardtop recommendations?

    there's a DV8 for sale in San Diego in the classifieds. maybe ask him about it.
  13. ESS battery question

    i dont know if it's tied in with either of the batteries having issues, but since i got the AutoPark Inop and Stop/Start Inop messages a couple days ago, other little things have stopped working: the radio doesn't turn off when i kill the engine and open the door. the dome lights don't come on...
  14. My auto stop start saga

    i just got the AutoPark and ASS faults today. stopped by the dealer to make an appointment and when i told her the faults, she beat me to it... "it's probably one of the batteries, we'll check them when you bring it in".
  15. Maintenance Manual for 2021 Wrangler Unlimited EcoDiesel Willys Edition

    you can't get them right now. they're made to work only on a Windows PC viewed in Internet Explorer. as Microsoft is dropping support for IE in favor of Edge and the manuals don't work with Edge, no one is distributing them.
  16. Removing decals with a lease

    they may be in the way, but it isn't your vehicle when it's leased. which is what this thread is about.
  17. Removing decals with a lease

    except it isn't yours to personalize, it's the leasing co's. remove the stickers all you want when you (by way of a bank) own it.
  18. Remote start w/doors off? (How to wire it so it thinks my doors are all attached and closed.)

    the Phantom Electrician strikes again! LOL. there's still that "Driver Door Secondary Ajar Switch Sense" on Pin 6 that might throw a wrench in your plans. if something breaks or doesn't work, don't blame me.