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  1. 2 Door Roof Rack Options

    I have no idea when the 2 doors rack from Smittybilt comes out.
  2. 2 Door Roof Rack Options

    With covid It's hard right now to find any good deals. I don't know when the smittybilt 2 doors rack is coming.
  3. 2 Door Roof Rack Options

    The Gobi rack is close to 3000$ for Canadians. Yes, for the 2 doors, i think you would need 2 of the 24 inch Dee-Zee. I am waiting for the smittybilt cage rack for the 2 doors as it should be around 800$ Canadian dollars. I will go to a welded and have all my accessories welder on.
  4. 2 Door Roof Rack Options

    The Gobi rack seems like the better rack and the best looking. I think the Dee-Zee rack will work just fine with a regular size RTT and on gravel road or easy off roaring. It's also a very cheap option.
  5. Walmart Toyo open country m/t price mistake

    Item is out of stock.
  6. 2 Door Roof Rack Options

    Smittybilt has made a roof rack for 4 doors JL. Let's hope they can come up with something for the 2 doors. It's also cheaper than any other roof racks cages for the JL.
  7. Outback Adventure Trailgate ordering for Canada

    Overland outfitters seems like the only place. They show as sold out.
  8. 4xe order banks are open...sort of (first ordering details inside)

    Those Jeeps are getting expensive. You could buy 2 JK for that price.
  9. New suspension.

    Very very nice. I might get the quick disconnect now that you mentioned it. I love the pictures.
  10. Clutch Reservoir Tube recall

    I have a 2018 JL and a recall on the clutch. It's my 3rd recall and they also still haven't fix the radio issue.
  11. New suspension.

    I will try my best. It will most likely take another 4 weeks before the suspension gets to Canada.
  12. What are you guys using for roof racks?

    It's hard to see the back of the Jeep. Where or what does it attaches to? Thanks
  13. What are you guys using for roof racks?

    I do not have a roof rack at the moment. Since I have a 2 doors and want to install a RTT, my best options are Garvin or Gobi style cage rack. I found a shop that would make me a Gobi rack this winter. I can custom mount all of my accessories like Ad, Shovel, MaxTraxx, jack, cargo boxes and...
  14. Yeti coolers at Sport Check or Atmosphere.

    I guess I will be using the Yeti for next summer and see how it goes. I don't I will be going out for more than 5 days at a time first. I will be looking at a electric fridge eventually, but I couldn't pass on a 125$ discount for the Yeti.
  15. Yeti coolers at Sport Check or Atmosphere.

    I have looked at those electrical fridges. Just the set up to have them, generator, fridge, converter, solar panel and such, cost at least 3 times the price of what I paid for my Yeti. I am just slowly starting to purchase items to go overlanding next year, still don't have the right...
  16. Yeti coolers at Sport Check or Atmosphere.

    Canadian Tire sells a lot of terrible products. The price almost double in the last 10 years and it's a lot more difficult to return items now days. However, you still can find some pretty good deals.
  17. Yeti coolers at Sport Check or Atmosphere.

    For those living in Canada, Sport Check and Atmosphere have a 25% discount on lots of items, including Yeti coolers. The Yeti Coolers seldom go on sale. I got a Yeti 45, which is 450$ with taxes on regular price for 335$. If you have the Canadian Tire credit card, you can ask for financing...
  18. TrailRecon spotted last Saturday outside of Silverton, CO

    I have started watching those 2 guys from British Columbia you mentioned. I am getting a new lift and suspension, cage rack and a RTT for next summer. Watching them going into the Kootenay a few weeks back was awesome. I am planning on going away for several trips lasting up to 7 days next...