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  1. Bricked 8.4NAV "Update Failed, Error Code: 20"

    Finally got it back after two and half weeks of waiting. If anything like this happens again, then I'll consider trading it. I love my JL as much as any Jeeper, but I can't live with poor reliability where something big like this goes wrong over almost nothing. And my factory warranty is up soon.
  2. Bricked 8.4NAV "Update Failed, Error Code: 20"

    This over air update was recent, and I'm betting it's affecting a lot of 8.4s. Jeep needs to be aware of it and perhaps issue a recall as people shouldn't have to pay out of pocket if their warranty is up.
  3. Bricked 8.4NAV "Update Failed, Error Code: 20"

    I tried that but the loading back to previous software never made it past the 32%. Tomorrow will be two weeks without my Jeep. Pretty pissed off that the unit can’t handle a simple download.
  4. Bricked 8.4NAV "Update Failed, Error Code: 20"

    Nope, need a new head unit. A few days to a few weeks to get a new one. Ugh.
  5. Bricked 8.4NAV "Update Failed, Error Code: 20"

    I did that, thanks. Tried plugging it back in to see if it fixed the issue, but it did not. Guess it's out til I can bring it in, ugh.
  6. Bricked 8.4NAV "Update Failed, Error Code: 20"

    I have this same error after a failed update. It just stays on that while screen saying it will revert back to the old system but doesn't do anything. Ugh, it's Saturday night and I can't even bring in til monday. Pretty sure the battery will be dead by then if it doesn't go off.
  7. Bronco vs Jeep Wrangler mega thread

    Call me crazy, but I actually think the Bronco Sport looks better than the big one. Looks like a mini Land Rover LR4 which is nice. And I know Land Rover people went crazy when they ruined the LR4 for that new awful looking Discovery. This is what people have been wanting though...crossovers...
  8. No sound from speakers

    Wow, the AM thing worked. This is why I love the Jeep community. I had literally just dealt with days of Verizon wireless issues and not having a phone and elderly parent having router issues. You guys rock!
  9. Steering damper recall notice today on my Jeep

    Got it done on Tuesday. Definitely more progressive feeling off center now. Mine still feels out of alignment, but it's less of an issue now that there is less resistance off center. Strangely enough, my steering was too tight off center which made keeping it straight quite a chore. That has...
  10. Got the V41 recall work done

    Yes! My pulling to the right issue drives me absolutely nuts. I had an alignment done, but they said it was "in spec" but slightly adjusted it anyway. Didn't fix it at all. I don't care about the dead spot as much as my damn car feeling like it's always out of alignment. Just got my V41...
  11. Is there a true fix for the Steering/Wandering issue?

    So my steering I'm always tugging to the left to keep straight like it's out of alignment. Took it to the dealer and they said the way Texas roads are designed means I'll always have to do that since they slightly decline left to right for drainage. But I'm not really noticing this in my Audi...
  12. Ordered soft top, buying after market hardtop

    I got the dual tops and likely won't ever put the hard top back on. Soft top is that good IMO.
  13. Rubicon as a Highway Driver...What? all Good to report...

    My JLU sahara is fine on the highway...asssss long as it isn't windy. Drove down to Austin from Dallas on a very windy day...35-40 mph winds. Yikes. It didn't dissuade my love of the jeep, but it was an arm wrestle to say the least. Wrangler doesn't like wind. Ever.
  14. Soft top down secure at high speed?

    My soft top doesn't "snap" into place even in the locked position. Best bet is getting some cheap velcro straps from amazon or hardware store. They keep the top firmly planted down with no flapping or movement at all.
  15. gas mileage 65 vs 70

    Man, I only get 18 on the highway in my JLU Sahara no matter how fast I drive.
  16. People that have gone from "sporty" rides to a Wrangler... be honest now... do you regret it?

    A small tip for those who come from the wunderbar german steering to the JL's well...weird steering. Don't try to overcorrect back and forth if she wanders a bit. Let the steering talk to you and put in slight and gentle inputs. I noticed when my brother in law drove it that he did that, and...
  17. People that have gone from "sporty" rides to a Wrangler... be honest now... do you regret it?

    I still pick the Jeep over the Audi 95% of the time. There is just something about the Jeep that you can't explain. I'm also tall, so I love the high seating position. Makes driving seem less of an annoyance since EVERYONE drives suvs these days. And the Jeep eats bad roads for breakfast in...
  18. Jeep screwed up badly with the hardtop design

    Shoulda gotten dual tops. I doubt I'll ever put my hard top back on.
  19. Is this something to worry about?

    If it was any other vehicle, then I'd be pretty pissed and have the dealer try to fix it. It's a jeep though and is going to get banged up one way or another. Just look at it as street, or perhaps off road cred for the Jeep. Check the storage compartment in the back to see if the nuts are there.
  20. Track bar frame weld issue recall! [Updated with official UA5 recall notice w/ repair procedure]

    I went to my mopar on their website and my vehicle is registered. Doesn't say my vehicle is affected, but it was definitely build in that time frame. Had trouble finding that number on the frame, but I think the first three numbers are 846. I guess I'm not affected?