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  1. FIRECRACKER RED Wrangler JL Club

    Just picked it up today
  2. Guide: Wrangler Order, Build, Tracking and Delivery Process

    Speaking of financing. I'm waiting on my Firecracker Red JLU Sahara. This morning I get a regular e-mail from my Finance Institution listing various promotions and specials on a number of financial products. Of course, my eye goes straight to the picture of the Firecracker Red JLU Sahara that...
  3. Brand New and Going Up!

    you mean "off" the road!
  4. Question of the rpm for manual transmission

    When I was learning to drive in England, one of the most useful pieces of advice I was given, was to not look at the rev counter at all when changing gears. Just "feel it" - although that should probably be, "hear it"
  5. Bourbon talk...

    Blanton's, although it's very rare that I see it. Woodinville
  6. Hollister Jeep Adventure Academy 2020 - photos and review

    So is the idea that you can bring any stock JLU to one of these, or is there a minimum set of options (rock sliders?) that is advisable?
  7. Koons Jeep / 2021 Rubicon experience

    This is a good reminder for having a thorough pre-delivery inspection. On the last car I bought (not Jeep), when we got home with our new shiny car, we noticed a cut in the rear passenger leather seat. Our dealer told us that we must have accidentally cut it, because it didn't show up on their...
  8. 2021 JL Build Status - Post Yours

    Yes, I was surprised, but I'm not holding my breath on that date being kept
  9. 2021 JL Build Status - Post Yours

    I just received the Priced Order Confirmation from my dealer. 2021 Wrangler Unlimited Sahara Date Ordered: 10/4 Estimated Ship Date: 10/30 Status: D1 - Gateline: plant has sequenced the unit for production
  10. LoD Signature Series bumper and Tow bar Set up

    How will you hook up the brake monitor in the RV? My Invisibrake is a few years old now, and the monitor (LED and Beeper) is hard wired in the RV dashboard, however, I did see something recently than leads me to believe there is a wireless monitor available now. Is that what you have?
  11. New Rubicon Getting Trail Cam option!

    I'm in the same situation. On that RockHard bumper page, lower down the page, there are bumpers without the bull bars, however, these are "Grille Width" instead of Full or Mid Width. Is the Grill Width wide enough to hookup the Roadmaster attachments?
  12. New Rubicon Getting Trail Cam option!

    I'm not clear on where it's mounted. I'm just speccing out a new build and wonder if this would interfere with a Roadmaster baseplate install (I will be towing the jeep behind a motorhome)
  13. Members old and new -- check in and wave hello!

    Hi, Adrian here, I joined this forum as I'm looking to buy a 2021 Wrangler, primarily as a toad for my Class A motorhome. There is so much useful information here, however, the more I learn, the more options I'm finding I want on my future Wrangler!!!! I would have saved so much money if I...