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  1. JL Wrangler Front Windshield Defrost: Please file NHTSA Vehicle Safety Complaint

    Yes, no problem here Can't see a damn thing. A jeep windshield = ice in the winter and bugs in the summer
  2. JLU Sahara Side Steps

    Can't imagine anyone using them as a step up. They are the same height as the step in. In sloppy weather my left pant leg gets dirty. Pretty much all winter long. They do look nice and they might keep a lot of crud off the side of the jeep.
  3. Question regarding the Windsheld defrost

    Absolutely incredible that we still have to deal with this. I have never had this problem with any vehicle I have owned - including my last 2013 JK. The kicker is this thing can blow hot air. I tried the ebay plugs but they didn't really do much and when it got cold they kept popping out. I...
  4. Side window sun shades

    Thanks. out of stock right now. they will let ,me know when they have them.
  5. Side window sun shades

    Anybody use side window sun shades that they are happy with. I work outside in the summer and do a lot of paperwork in my jeep, usually in areas with little shade. Would be nice to find some that were sized for the wrangler windows. Thanks
  6. 4WD Auto on Wrangler 2020 Unlimited Sport

    Its an option that is available on some models. I have it on my Sahara. If you have the sticker, look at the options. You could shift into 4 Hi and see if it lights. With mine, if I shift to 4 HI it is in auto, move the lever to the right and I am in standard 4 HI.
  7. If there was one thing you could change about your JL...

    The USB port will charge your phone when vehicle is not running.
  8. If there was one thing you could change about your JL...

    If i could have a front window defrost that actually cleared the entire window and maybe rain gutters that didn't direct water to the front seats, I would be blissfully happy.
  9. Death wobble... Who's had it?

    Mine started on bridge joints at about 10,000 miles. Would not call it DW but definitely needed to slow down a bit to stop the shaking.. Dampener replaced and now fine. Never had the problem with my 2013 JKU 2019 Sahara, completely stock
  10. Front windshield defrost FAIL

    How about something like this for the wipers. shouldn't be too difficult to hook up I'd be happy if the defrost worked on the entire front windshield
  11. Tow Package Confusion

    I have the tow package and my sticker shows the 240 AMP Alternator under optional equip If your sticker doesn't indicate the tow package, your dealer may have added the hitch. the package also has a 700 A battery
  12. FCA CarPlay Complaint

    Yes, "real jeepers" just learn to just deal with it or buy a "mod" that someone in China makes to try and solve what they don't like. I might suggest changing your avatar to appear to be a fetching young lady. You'll get lots of help.
  13. Weird Behavior When Re-Starting with ESS?

    better just to remember to turn off ess as I approach any parking situation
  14. Weird Behavior When Re-Starting with ESS?

    I don't mind it until I park and it stops and then starts before I shut it down. That drives me CRAZY!
  15. Question regarding the Windsheld defrost

    I have those same plugs. The air leaks around them and doesn't defuse enough to produce any real results. Also, when its cold in the morning, those plugs contract and the defrost blows them out of the holes. Doesn't work well but they do look nice. I'm going to try gorilla taping various holes...
  16. Question regarding the Windsheld defrost

    Winter is back and so is this bullshit problem. I took mine to the dealer last winter and got the same reply as Duglas. Tried the plastic hole blockers but the air just passes up and around them. Hard to imagine that we buy a new jeep and have to figure a mod in order to drive it in the winter.
  17. Front and rear defroster questions

    Summer's gone and winter's back. I forgot about how irritating it is having the defrost only work in the center of the windshield. All the plugs I am using are not doing enough to divert the airflow to the sides. The fan just blows the air up and around them. Jeep needs to do a fix for this. Its...
  18. Dual climate control sync

    That's the only way I know. I hate it when a passenger adjusts their side.
  19. Steering damper recall notice today on my Jeep

    Just had the recall done on my Jeep last week. Did not have any wandering or dead spots but did have the wobble after bumps at highway speeds. Noticeable difference after recall -installed properly.. No more wobble and a little tighter and better than new.. Hope it lasts
  20. Center Console Handle Broke

    If you are reading this thread and you have a JL that hasn't had this latch break yet, it will. Maybe not today and maybe not tomorrow but soon........