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  1. Mold smell in JL

    If you can't pin point an issue with the upholstery or under the seats, consider maybe that it's coming through the vents? try changing your cabin air filter.... you never know if that might help! I suggest
  2. Members old and new -- check in and wave hello!

    Congrats and good luck with your build!
  3. searching for new vehicles

    might be helpful for those looking, I've been throwing this up on some other forums as well :
  4. Hauk Designs JLU Wrangler Build [SEMA 2019]

    Yeah Good lord this is menacing
  5. What did you PARK NEXT to in your Jeep today?

    Normally a female co-worker parks next to me with her brand new Dodge Durango.
  6. Jeep Sneaking in new charges

    Remember those pay raises the Union workers are after have to be made up some how, and the consumer is the one that makes it up.
  7. Jeep Sneaking in new charges

    Tell them not to paint it. I would really like to see their reaction. :)
  8. Auxiliary (AUX) Switches Configuration/Installation DIY

    I think it's about time they started giving us the option to customize our vehicles. I'm still not happy about them locking down the ECU's!!! :(
  9. NEW product - Rough Country Full belly skids

    Very nice! What's the price on something like that?
  10. Heated seats and steering wheel?

    I live 45 minutes south of Pittsburgh and I have the cold weather package on my Challenger SXT Plus model. I am glad I do. I remote start it in the winter before going to work and the heated seats and steering wheel come on automatically in cold weather and I am glad they do!!!!! :)
  11. The clutch gang!

    Every Muscle car I have owned has always been a stick and I have had the luck of finding a few rare models with sticks. My first car, a 1984 Aero Trans-Am was a factory five speed stick, my second a 1987 Fiero GT was a five speed stick and my 1991 Z/28 Convertible was a factory five speed stick...
  12. Post pics of your MUSCLE cars!

    2016 Dodge Challenger R/T Plus Blacktop Edition. 5.7 Hemi/6-Speed Manual/3.90 Rear End Gears.
  13. General Shocks Question

    I would go with a set of Rancho. Have always got a good ride and off road handling with them as well...
  14. Engine braking in an Automatic Jl

    Wheeling used to be a great place to live until all the Factors came and ruined everything. I used to love it hear and thought I spend my whole life here. No I just want to get out and move to the mountains of Tennessee.
  15. Engine braking in an Automatic Jl

    I agree! Just drive the thing as you normally would. My Grandfather who was a mechanic always said "You treat your car like your horse. You wouldn't beat you horse, so don't beat on your car."