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  1. Florida How much should I sell my stock wheels and tires for ?

    Being they are sport wheels with 30k on them I would start at $500 and take offers.
  2. Virginia 5 X 17inch OEM JLUR wheels/tires(sale pending) ($1000/ OBO)

    Do these have the TPMS still in the wheel?
  3. North Carolina Sahara Upgraded Wheels/Tires $400

    What year did they come off of and where are you located?
  4. North Carolina Rubicon Tires For Sale $750.00

    Where are you located?
  5. Anyone think Jeep will move to IFS in 2023?

    Interesting perspective about SFA vs IFS starting in the video at the 16:30 mark.
  6. Anyone think Jeep will move to IFS in 2023?

    Ask 100 people that question and you will get almost 100 different answers. In my opinion it will all depend on how the Bronco sells once it goes into full production mode. Trust me Jeep could care less about what anybody thinks about solid vs ifs, they care about the money and if the trend is...
  7. Maryland Sold

    Here is a set with a more in line with the current market.
  8. Maryland Sold

    These generally sell for $1000 to $1200 for the set. Will you consider this price range and will you meet partway towards Virginia eastern shore?
  9. Virginia WTB Rubicon Take-Offs

    Still looking
  10. Is it just me or the proportions on the 2 door JL seem off?

    Don't listen to the naysayers, a full 90% of all Wrangler owners agree with you that the 4 door is King!

    Honestly I'm not sure what they used but it's still leak free after 3 years.
  12. Virginia WTB Rubicon Take-Offs

    It's either hot or cold with these things.
  13. Official: Jeep Wrangler 392 LAUNCH EDITION Starts at $73,500 Base Price. Build & Price Now Up

    Now that's just funny right there, cheapest Lambo I find goes for $185,000, when you find one for $105,000 please let me know and I'll wire you the money! :CWL:
  14. New Jersey NJ/PA/DE - 2021 Rubicon Wheels and Tires - $1500

    Might wanna put a price out there.