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  1. Spare Tire Cover - Yay or Nay

    Not my first Wrangler, just an fyi. Nothing wrong with them, but I found out they do collect moisture, wet leaves, etc.. Also, I do a faithful 5 tire rotation appx. every 4,000 miles so really to me it‘s just a collection of my above. Honest, when I wash the Wrangler, it’s a lot easier to do...
  2. eTorque Delete Option?

    OBD, question, what trans do you have. I ordered my 2021 Willys last year in October, when you chose the 3.6 with the 8 speed auto, you could NOT get it without the E-Torque period. Do you have E-Torque or the regular ess system? The E-Torque has the 48 volt battery behind the passenger seat...
  3. Stock or Order?

    Lots are “lean” plus if you order you get what you want. The Dealers in my area don’t have the combo’s of what I would have wanted for my last 3 Wranglers. They get what they get, and some of the add on‘s are not what I’d be interested in. That includes engines, tops, packages, colors, etc...
  4. Lets see those sexy 2drs (pictures zone)

    Ordered Oct. 2020, delivered appx. 7 weeks, 2021 Sting Gray. One year old already..
  5. oil change frequency

    I do what Spank and Morton do, 5 tire rotation and oil change usually between 4,500 and 5,000 miles. Might be an over kill, but I kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Both done at the same time. I’ve been doing this forever and always had good tire wear and piece of mind.
  6. We Did It! Our own House! lets not burn it down lol

    My favorite reason! Just saying!
  7. What the h*ck does this dial do??

    AUeng is correct, my 2021 Willys it does nothing, my 2016 Willys also didn’t have lighting in the footwell. Only certain “models” have the ambient footwell lighting, the switch fills a gap/hole in the dash.

    As an owner of a 2012 JKU, a 2016 Jk, and now a 2021 JL, ALL brand new, never an issue with the 3.6 V-6. There were issues with the heads in 2012, didn’t affect mine, these 3.6’s were not used in Wranglers specific. When I ordered my 2021, I specifically wanted the 3.6 paired with the new 8...
  9. How did you decide on your engine?

    Easy for me, 2012 JKU 3.6, 2016 Jk Willys with the 3.6, and my 2021 JL Willys with the e torque and 8 speed auto was my choice when I ordered it in October last year.. The 3.6 treated me fine for all 3 Wranglers, especially my 2021 with the 8 speed auto. Sweet!
  10. 2021 Pigeon Forge Jeep Invasion

    What’s the date of this? Wife was down last year for a week with kids but not during the Jeep event, thinking of going this year possibly? When is it?
  11. E torque 3.6 with auto

    Dumb question, if the e torque (3.6 Auto) is “active” and at a stop light and shut down, why would it start the engine back up with my foot still firmly on the brake pedal?. I noticed this today a few times on the way home while stopped after appx 1 minute. I thought once it shuts engine off you...
  12. Jeeps and dogs

    Well, soon to be doing some testing! My 12 year lab passed away Feb. 13th this year, can’t be without my Buddy! So here‘s my new “Boss” had my breeder do a great job, got my pick for another light Yellow Male picked up 3 weeks ago! He’s now 11 weeks old and a terror to say the least but he’ll be...
  13. Speedometer

    My 2016 and my 2021 Willys is spot on, from what I see. When analog is showing 50, digital is showing 50. Let’s see what others post. But mine seems right on..
  14. Problems with e-torque.

    Dan, watch for more posts on your question, like Blackwater said, if you got the true 3.6 e-torque and auto, there are tons of things that cause the system to not activate. Cabin temperatures, engine temperatures are just a few. And yes, they do have a battery for this system, it’s a big 48 volt...
  15. Help! My wife HATES my new Jeep!

    I’m with UTES, after 3 or 4 Wranglers, my Wife is still not sold, we’ve been doing her’s and mine forever. I couldn’t get her to get a Wrangler, she’s just not into the ride I guess. So, her being a Nurse,$$, she buys her own ride, she got a new Lexis last year, and a Hybrid at that. When she...
  16. When do you REFUEL?

    I try never to run below 1/2 tank. I’m driving since 1977, that was always a rule I tried to follow. Got stuck too many times with weather;snow, so always try to keep tank near full. You need it one way or another, why run low.
  17. Full time 4WD.

    Yes, very nice option, wasn’t an option on my 2012, or my 2016 Willys, so when I ordered my 2021 Willys last Oct. , it was a no brainer. Works great for daily driving in my neck of the woods due to covered surfaces, next block blacktop, then again un-paved 6” plus snow covered roads.. When we...
  18. What does start/stop ready mean in the drivers menu option?

    That is correct, as outside temps warm up, e-torque will start activating more. Cold weather, it takes a while, I only got a 12 mile ride to work each day, when it’s 20 degrees it normally don’t kick in till the last couple stops before my work place.
  19. thinking of buying a new wrangler- any glaring issues/problems on the new ones?

    Willys is a great choice, I’m on number two for this Edition, both bought new, a 2016 and my 2021. Love the 2021 with the 8 speed, 3.6, and I ordered the Selec-Trac transfer case option when I built it last October. Aldo sums it up!
  20. Are there any options/specs that you regret getting OR not getting?

    Selec-Trac is a real nice option. Didn’t have it on my 2012 or my 2016, but got it on my 2021. It’s just nice with mixed winter weather road conditions in my neck of the woods.