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  1. Man... the Wrangler's price point really puts it in competition with a lot of other vehicles

    Don't buy a car for resale value. Buy to enjoy. I think most cars bought now will tank in value in the next 5 years, because (these are my opinions): 1. we're one or two technological leaps from electric drivetrains that go 1000 miles on a charge and be charged in 15 minutes. It's...
  2. October 2018 Jeep Wrangler Sales Figures - Sets CYTD Record

    Look at Sept 2017 vs Sept 2018 sales. About flat. 15,714 vs 15,983 wranglers sold Look at Oct 2017 vs Sept 2018 sales. Down a tiny bit. 13,391 vs 13,318 wranglers sold. This is a pretty abrupt deceleration in sales from previous months. There could be any number of reasons.
  3. So wranglers don't really lose (much) value when used? Does bone stock keep its value best?

    I'm not so sure feature-stuffing and appealing to a broader set of customers is going to make the old jeeps go down in value. As an example, mid-late-80s porsche 911's used to sell for $25k in nice shape 10 years ago. Now we have these paradigm-shifted new 911s watercooled (996, 997, 991)...
  4. October 2018 Jeep Wrangler Sales Figures - Sets CYTD Record

    Anyone know of Sept and October's sales numbers were constrained by supply or demand? Wranglers are still niche vehicles and sooner or later the market is going to be saturated with people willing to pay a premium to get their hands on a JL and sales will probably settle down into past...
  5. 15,983 Wranglers Sold in September 2018

    last month the Aug 2018 JL sales were over 20% over the Aug 2017 JK sales. this is a huge month-to-month slow down, with Sept 2018 sales just about the same as Sept 2017. I know this isn't too popular of an opinion, but I think Jeep was pretty conservative in the redesign and it won't attract...
  6. So wranglers don't really lose (much) value when used? Does bone stock keep its value best?

    I noticed on craigslist a 2014 2-door JK sport offered at $23k. 45k miles, looks stock and clean. in 2014, these were MSRPing at $22,395. So even with a few options and a discount, this 4 year old car has lost maybe only a few thousand dollars (assuming the seller gets close to asking)...
  7. Looking for reviews of the 2.0

    is the 2.0T a direct injection engine? DI engines tend to be noisy in a way that is not unlike diesels
  8. floor carpet removal + interior rhino spray lining

    which one of these products offers the best sound deadening?
  9. PA Jeepers Be Warned - You can get fined!

    So much for freedom. We have to make ourselves small and inconspicuous to the police state. I find this repugnant.
  10. 3.0L diesel for short trips around town mostly?

    on another brand's diesels, the particulate filter will clog and fail prematurely if it is only driven on short trips. $3000 part I think.
  11. Jeep Wrangler Diesel Gets Canceled in 2022??

    A power washer will fix that up, clean as a whistle :)
  12. Wrangler worth paying the premium?

    and since the Ranger is pretty gigantic, it seems likely it's going to be a bloated barge.
  13. Fabtech shows how much the Rubicon JL can flex (axle articulation)!

    a fella could drive over a miata on one side...
  14. Key Fob Information and Pics

    man, you gotta be kidding me. some car makers started reversing the trend and making these smaller and pocketable. whyyyyyyy
  15. Sky One-Touch Power Top Priced at $3,995

    I rode in a Fiat 500 Convertible that had this exact same kind of sliding power accordion top (smaller scale, of course), and it really didn't feel like a convertible - more like a giant sunroof. I think people should definitely try before they buy with this.
  16. Sky One-Touch Power Top Priced at $3,995

    I guess "getting reamed on option pricing" is a jeep thing now, too.
  17. Top things you DON'T like about the New JL Wrangler

    A key is the difference between a man's car and something pussied up. Really? REAL men use crank starters on their cars. You must be a real nancy boy twisting a key and letting that electric motor do all the work.
  18. What other vehicles are you cross shopping? $5-6k increase causing second thoughts on JLU

    jeep will make some of these options incrementally standard in future model years to keep the sales rolling. it's a game as old as time. though kia is known for stuffing their cars with standard features.