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  1. Jeep 392 vs Ram TRX

    My buddy just brought home a brand new TRX. It is freaking sweet. Its quick, but you can definitely feel that 6k plus pounds. It is super heavy. Probably one of the last vehicles of its kind. Electric will take over from here most likely.
  2. I’m so tired of companies taking my money and not shipping!🤬

    I understand and agree completely. However, I ordered my Rustys steering set up and it arrived in about 3 weeks. Do not cancel that order. That steering kit has substantially improved my jeeps steering and handling.
  3. Just got home from Bronco event...

    wheeling and hitting the mount on the rock is not ideal. However, hitting that bolt and shearing it off or damaging it to the point it has to be grind off is much more of an issue.
  4. Just got home from Bronco event...

    Huh? The bolt and nut is vertical on the bronco and exposed. It is the first thing to make contact with anything underneath that bronco at that point. I don’t see how the JL is equal to this in any way.
  5. JL Wrangler vs New Ford Bronco

    You think they get in that Bronco without signing some sort of NDA? You're outta your mind!!
  6. Bronco vs Jeep Wrangler mega thread

    There are a few of you who like to get on a Jeep forum to troll users/Jeep enthusiasts seemingly everyday. Being a contrarian is tiresome. Kudos for keeping it up as long you have. I’m sure this thread has been great entertainment for you. Hope to see ya out on the trail one day when you have...
  7. Bronco vs Jeep Wrangler mega thread

    look dude. I’m not gonna bite on your trolling. You love the bronco. We get it. I’m sure every bronco owner will be just as successful in Moab as that stock bronco on nittos with a 2x king of hammers champion at the wheel.
  8. Bronco vs Jeep Wrangler mega thread

    I'm going to assume you're NOT one of those serious rock crawlers with that answer.
  9. Cooper STT Pro 37x12.5x17 Vs Goodyear Wrangler MT-R 37x12.5.x17

    I ran the Goodyears on my Jk. Great tire. I currently have the Cooper Stt Pros on my JL. The Jeep constantly pulls to the right on the road. This isn’t a rut in the road kind of pull. Fantastic tire off-road though. I’d say probably the best mud terrain offered imo, but it’s road manners...
  10. New CRC Off-road sliders installed!

    No. They came raw. I had the powdercoater do a flat black and a textured finish on the step inserts. Cost me about $200
  11. New CRC Off-road sliders installed!

    They attach where the rubi sliders attach, but with different (provided) hardware. The underside has a boat side style. All the hardware is tucked in.
  12. New CRC Off-road sliders installed!

    Unfortunately I don’t think so. You might be able to reach out and see if they can make some. Normally I wouldn’t suggest this, but Casey and his team have been awesome to work with and it might be an option. Idk.
  13. New CRC Off-road sliders installed!

    I couldn’t find these anywhere after seeing them on the Titan JL from SEMA. I reached out to the owner of the titan via Instagram and Casey Currie himself commented he could get me a set. Woo. I think they are available to purchase now at crc offroad. Super solid and very well made. Easy...
  14. Tuttle Creek Trip 4/28

    softop and doors. Would’ve preferred no doors and no top but rain was in the forecast. I would prefer no doors/top on a dry day. The mud would’ve been a nightmare for the interior(if doorless), but I’d rather clean than risk dented doors. Damage is possible there. Just have a spotter and...
  15. Tuttle Creek Trip 4/28

    just got done removing the 75 lbs of mud that was left over. Lol. It wasn’t too bad. Pin striping was very minimal. The trails seemed to be pretty well maintained in that aspect. However, I did manage to crunch by drivers side taillight. Tbh, it was more driver error than anything. I had...
  16. Tuttle Creek Trip 4/28

    I will let you know. It is my first time going out there. From what I hear there is a little something for everyone.
  17. Tuttle Creek Trip 4/28

    Last minute! But planning on wheeling tomorrow at Tuttle Creek, near Manhattan KS. Gonna be traveling from the KC area early in the morning and make a day trip out of it. Wanted to put it out there and see if anyone was interested!
  18. Please help with lift... overwhelmed

    I have the rancho 2.5 with the 9000 adj shocks. Rides pretty much like factory. For the money and your needs I would say it’s hard to beat. I added new trackbars, but they were not “needed”. Also added the rancho geometry brackets to bump up the castor after adding a spacer upfront to help...