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  1. Back glass exploded...again!

    Can't believe the Safelite tech did not see that!
  2. Latest JLU issues

    Got some more butter?
  3. 3.6 vs 2.0

    This is not a Audi/VW/Lexus/Toyota engine. Do you know of issues with this 2.0 setup?
  4. 3.6 vs 2.0

    I am so tired of hearing people generalize that direct injection engines are an issue!!!
  5. 7 months and just learned this. . . . telescoping visors

    So you actually received more value buying your JL than you thought you did?
  6. Static from speakers after installing lights on aux switch 3

    Try some better lights. Some LED's give off Radio Frequency Interference. Usually your better ones are ok.
  7. Katzkin leather or factory?

    You cannot order both factory leather and then add the factory Katzkin to it. You have to order one or other. It is CBS or CBQ package. Unit is built with cloth and then CBS or CBQ is added at factory. I ordered CBS on a Rubi and would not do it again. You do not get flip down rear armrest, you...
  8. 2018 Wrangler Caught Fire!!

    Been down this road before. First call should have been your insurance company. They will handle loss and then decide if they go after Jeep.
  9. Feeling Ripped off with CBS leather option

    Dealer service manager did look at mine and got in touch with his regional manager. I took Jeep in and they took a bunch of pictures and copy of window sticker. Asked what I really wanted and told them either red stitched seats or white stitching on steering and dash like a Sahara.Would have got...
  10. Feeling Ripped off with CBS leather option

    Look at the picture-has red stitched shift boot, steering wheel, and seat back pulls.
  11. Heat question - turbo

    My 2015 JK would run up to 226 water temp pretty easy.
  12. Feeling Ripped off with CBS leather option

    Yes-saw picture of Sahara and all the stitching matched and had stitched center console and door armrests. Jeep only shows picture of a seat.
  13. Feeling Ripped off with CBS leather option

    Ordered the $1750 CBS leather option on my 2019 Rubicon JLU. Was surprised with paying for upgraded factory installed stitched leather I ended up with less than the standard factory leather. I got red stitched steering wheel and shift boots but the seats are stitched in tungsten/white. Plus did...
  14. Factory CBS/CBQ leather or aftermarket?

    You got a way better deal on CBS leather on the Sahara vs on my Rubicon. You got your leather stitching all one color. Plus you got stitched on center and door armrests. My Rubicon has red stitched steering wheel and shifter boots and tungsten white on seats. No stitching on armrest on center or...
  15. New Rear Hardtop Light Bar Kit for your 2018-2019 Jeep JL Wrangler! | Diode Dynamics

    What I would really like is a bar like a Rigid Radiance backlit in red maybe a 18" that could be third brake and seperate light!
  16. New Rear Hardtop Light Bar Kit for your 2018-2019 Jeep JL Wrangler! | Diode Dynamics

    Like the idea but $360 price tag stopped me.