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  1. California WTS: Mopar Twill Soft Top Kit - $1,500 OBO - SoCal

    is this still available? Will you be able to ship it to Oregon?
  2. Trade Sport S lease for Rubicon?

    I would say try to transfer your lease at websites like swapalease or leasetrader. If someone can take over your lease you will be out with little money vs. trade in.
  3. Radio not working

    I had a similar issue with my wrangler. Radio got stuck while I was driving. I pulled over my Jeep at a gas station and re-inserted the fuse. Everything seems to be working until now.
  4. Manual to Automatic Conversion

    I think you're right. It makes more sense to trade this one and get an automatic transmission.
  5. Manual to Automatic Conversion

    I have a 2018 wrangler 6-speed manual. Is it possible to convert manual transmission to automatic? Does anyone have experience with the conversion?
  6. Oregon JLU Premium Softtop for sale - 1400 OBO

    Hi, is it still available? I am interested and can pick it on my own