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  1. BestTop Duster Deck Cover 9003635

    Thanks for the info, looks like the Rampage is the one I’m looking for too. Was there a back order on it?
  2. BestTop Duster Deck Cover 9003635

    Yeah that doesn’t seem right at all. Looks goofy with a huge gap. Please keep updated on what you find out.
  3. BestTop Duster Deck Cover 9003635

    I received an email about 1-2 weeks ago to update the back order to 12 weeks from 4-6 weeks from 2 weeks prior to that. I need to cancel. This is the second order I’ve had to cancel. No Bueno!!
  4. BestTop Duster Deck Cover 9003635

    Thanks for getting back to me Lee. I’m hoping to have one soon, summer isn’t very long in Ohio, lol!
  5. BestTop Duster Deck Cover 9003635

    @Besttop I see replies on other threads since this posted. Should I just cancel my order and go with another top? I’m sure you could have supplied some kind of answer by now?
  6. BestTop Duster Deck Cover 9003635

    Hello, Do you guys have a date that these will be readily available. I ordered one because Extreme Terrain said it was in stock. Of course after I order they then tell me 8-12 weeks. Want to know before I cancel and go with another product. Thank You!
  7. Mopar Extended Warranty or Geico MBI

    Yeah I looked into this when I bought my new Rubicon. Didn’t want to be committed to a auto insurance company just for a car warranty. I house all my policies with same company, House. Car, umbrella, RV etc.. so it comes down to more than 1 thing insured. I opted for the 7 yr unlimited mileage...
  8. Warranty worth it?

    I’m curious why no one is mentioning the 84mo unlimited mileage bumper to bumper warranty through FCA? That’s what I purchased somewhere around the $2400 range. I personally want to be covered If I’m making a payment, so I took one that would cover me past my loan length.
  9. 5 tires rotation

    What rotation pattern do you use for a 5 tire rotation? This is how I have been doing mine. I have done 2 so far, both around 5500 miles with the oil change.
  10. Ocean Blue Rubicon Golf Cart

    Lol, I tried with a red vinyl. Didn’t like the way it looked. Hard to find that satin looking red in a vinyl. If anyone has a match please let me know. Thanks
  11. Ocean Blue Rubicon Golf Cart

    It is crazy. I have friends in NC, and the carts there run about $500-$1000 higher than here in Ohio. I thought about modifying some and taking down there to sell. If I wasn’t trying to be budget friendly with mine I would have put a Jeep body Front end on it. But I just couldn’t justify it.
  12. Ocean Blue Rubicon Golf Cart

    Thanks guys, I am not done with it. The nameplate on the front will be swapped out and I plan to use factory badging (Jeep) for a replacement. FYI- I can’t putt for $hlt, but it’s the fastest cart in my campground! Lol As for the Jeep, it’s factory stock. Not sure why the rear appears higher...
  13. JL for a roadtrip??

    My family of 4 has taken multiple 8-12 hour road trips in our 2019 JLU Rubicon. To be completely honest, it’s probably pretty good as far as a Jeep goes. But in all reality it isn’t comfortable or practical, lol. The first 4-5 hours is always good, after that the seats get really uncomfortable...
  14. OCEAN BLUE Wrangler JL Club

    My Ocean Blue Rubi and Golf Cart
  15. Ocean Blue Rubicon Golf Cart

    So I thought it would be cool to match my golf cart to my wife’s new Rubicon. So I had it painted Ocean Blue, had some custom decals made and a couple factory trail rated badges. I then added the new aftermarket seats and dash.
  16. South Carolina Bestop JL Unlimited TrekTop Black Diamond Sailcloth

    Where are you located? Do you have the part number for the top? Thanks
  17. Is there a true fix for the Steering/Wandering issue?

    Had the same exact issue. They ended up putting a new steering gear in it. Helped, but still wasn’t perfect.
  18. Is there a true fix for the Steering/Wandering issue?

    Ok, so I reported having this same issue over 3 months ago. I also would have to have the wheel cocked to 11:00 to drive straight. Noticed the issue right after purchase, but wasn’t terrible. By 1,000 miles (2-3 weeks) it was tough to keep it straight. Well to make a long story very short, three...
  19. Poll: Steering problems on the 2018 Wrangler JL

    What dealer do you have your Jeep serviced at?
  20. Poll: Steering problems on the 2018 Wrangler JL

    Not at the moment. Wife went and picked it up, made it about 2 minutes down the road. They apparently forgot to align the front end after the wok. So we will have to wait another day.