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  1. Testy Tuesday 😂

    Yes, time travel is hard on a person.
  2. Testy Tuesday 😂

    Shaddup and mind yer own damn bisiness. 🥴
  3. Jump Ship or What?

    ".... Plus honestly wish I had the all time 4 WD system for extra peace of mind for Florida weather. ".... 🤔 Um, I know how tricky sunshine and pleasant temps can be while driving, but.. What am I missing here????🥴
  4. My hood prop stolen

    I sell them to keep me in ducks... Its a victimless crime... ... and I just can't stop ducking.😢
  5. Rubicon hood decals on a Sport

    For fun and profit. :clap:
  6. Rich Jeepers

    I'm wealthy, but has nothing to do with the coin in my pocket. I've been on my own since I was 17, working a full time and finishing high school. I now live comfortably, I've had second residences from one coast to the other for work related ease. I retired in my 30's, made much easier...
  7. Rubicon hood decals on a Sport

    They call it catfishing. Take off the decals and accessories and you have one ugly jeep. Good thing you kept your ducks to yourself. 🥴
  8. New Pink color can be ordered only until August 31

    So, do you have bad teeth or deliver mail? 🤔
  9. New Pink color can be ordered only until August 31

    Planning on a tour company start up?
  10. CR attempts to understand the Jeep thing

    CR is BS anyway. I worked for a consumer electronics manufacturer; CR arrived to test some products. Fine, there is the product, there is the lab. Have fun.. Got a terrible report. Next year they show up. We took them to lunch, set everything up in the lab. Smoozed til we puked. Got...
  11. No Jeep waves here :(

    I thought it was all the califoreigners? 🤔 On the bright side, my house has doubled in value recently.:LOL:
  12. Cool lighting in instrument cluster??

    Do they have a similar hue to the phantom dash light? 🥴
  13. Cool lighting in instrument cluster??

    Does this happen on a road with over head lighting and never on a dark backroad, per chance?
  14. Should I lift my Rubicon with 35s?

    Um, izzat the mall? :facepalm:
  15. Anyone connected a light mod pack for the factory LED halo taillights ??

    Um, I believe protocol requires you to be drunk to ask about Jeep lighting... 🤔
  16. Turn signal lights

    Lighten up, he may have gone to California public schools. 🥴
  17. Turn signal lights

    No, you're fecked.