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  1. Texas Sold: NIB Red Spiderwebshade 4D JLU

    New in bag Red Spiderwebshade this retails for $199 asking $150 never used went with a different roof option so no longer needed
  2. Texas JL Rock Krawler Rear track bar

    It is from the adventure series lift RK but I ended up swapping for an adjustable rear track bar. This is what is used so you don’t have to get new track bar it relocates. See pic. Is used but not for long a couple hundred miles and then bought other.
  3. Texas JL Rock Krawler Rear track bar

    Rock Krawler rear track bar relocation kit $70
  4. Texas 2018 RUBICON JL TAKE OFFS

    Allen TX also have Rubicon JL plastic take off front bumper no fogs included $50 Spare tire carrier w brake light $20 Rubicon rear red tow hook (no bumper just the hook) $25
  5. Sky one touch rattling..driving me nuts!

    I’m so happy you found the sound
  6. Sky one touch rattling..driving me nuts!

    When I had that sound it seemed to come from the pins at the rear windows that are removable. Have you tried the Teflon tape there? Or a replacement latch? e at those pins?
  7. Sky one touch rattling..driving me nuts!

    Mine has been in 15 times and 3 different dealerships. I have had a new roof replacement, extra foam, special tape, new rear window latches, tighten all the rails and bolts, and just got it back again. I bought it in June 2020 and took it back the first time the day after delivery For the roof...
  8. Sky-One - loud rattles in roof over Passenger/Driver Door!

    Mine has been repaired three times for the same issue and now the sounds are all back again. I bought my Jeep in June 2020 and is a Rubicon JLUR with one touch. They removed the top and added foam and the specialty tape and it seemed to fix it for about. A month and now the sound at the rear...
  9. Texas Sold: 2020 JLUR plastic front Rubicon bumper $50

    2020 Rubicon plastic front bumper take off $50 Allen TX also available take off tire carrier with rear brake light $30 OBO
  10. Grab Handles and Sky 1 Touch Top

    I ordered them and returned them because of my sunshade that’s uses the same bolts. It’s possible they still would have worked
  11. 2500 miles and already creak/rattling?

    I just got mine back and they added some foam and special tape to my one touch roof there is a campaign not sure if you have the same roof but it fixed the creak/rattle sound I was getting
  12. Texas 2020 JLU Rubicon take off suspension

    thanks Mark! I love them
  13. Texas 2020 Rubi OEM spare tire carrier

    OEM spare tire carrier w third brake light $50. Pick up Allen TX
  14. Texas 2020 JLU Rubicon take off suspension

    I got the adventure series lift with new shocks so the whole Rubi take offs are included. Would you like to come pick it up? Also have the take off rear tire carrier
  15. Texas 2020 JLU Rubicon take off suspension

    In Allen are you interested?
  16. Texas Sold: 2020 JLU Rubicon take off suspension

    5K miles on OEM Rubicon take off suspension $150 I also have take off OEM tire carrier available $50