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  1. Massachusetts 2020 Rubicon Wheels $450

    $425 or Best Offer?
  2. Massachusetts 2020 Rubicon Wheels $450

    Updated pics. Found a Very small imperfection in the clear coat on the spare (no center cap) $425 can meet buyer 1/2 way within reason.
  3. Massachusetts 2020 Rubicon Wheels $450

    There is a little glue residue from the factory sticker I think. I never bothered addressing it. No scratches or peeling.
  4. Sun Visor Broken

    What a horrible design by Jeep. Here is my fix. Seems to be holding up.
  5. Massachusetts 2020 Rubicon Wheels $450

    Live in Springfield, work in Boston Area
  6. Massachusetts Sold: 2020 Rubicon Wheels $450

    5 Rubicon OEM Wheels with TPMS sensors $450 - local pickup
  7. Sun Visor Broken

    Mine just fell out too. 2019 58000 miles.
  8. Heated seats question.

    Anyone try to add a switch or something to toggle off the bottom seat cushion so you only get heat on your back?
  9. Massachusetts Sold

    Where in mass are you? Still available?
  10. Seatbelt Creaking

    I have the same noise coming from the seat belt height adjuster area. Please keep us posted on your progress.
  11. Creaking front passenger seat while seated

    Thanks guys, I can reproduce the sound by just pushing on the seat. I am usually 99.9% driving by myself for work (pre COVID) 42,000 miles on my 2019. I just discovered this now when I am the passenger with Teaching my son who just got his driving permit How to drive. Holy Scary being a...
  12. Creaking front passenger seat while seated

    Same issue on my passenger seat on my 2019. Did the dealer replacing the rail stop the noise and has it held up? Did FCA redesign the rail? Will try the grease first to see if I can avoid making a trip to the dealer.
  13. Seats: Loose Captive Nuts

    Hello I have not looked into the cause yet but noticed the passenger seat makes a loose pop noise when it is occupied around a turn. It also makes a noise if I push on the backrest side to side. Maybe the same issue? Also have rattling noise in the Drivers side B pillar over bumps. Sounds...
  14. JK Wheels on a JL?

    My camera fit perfectly. JK Willy’s wheels on 2019 JLU Sahara
  15. Connecticut Sold - JL Sahara Wheels and Goodyear AT Tires. Take Offs, Like New, used only 300 miles $650 Or BO

    5 Wheels & Tires. Includes TPMS Sensors and 4 center caps. Can arrange to meet buyer 1/2 way in MA, CT, RI, NH, VT & ME. Individual wheel photos available if needed.
  16. Hardtop Creaking and Popping

    Same thing here with me as GlockJeeper. Was fine all winter until the warmer weather hit and before I took the top off. I’m guessing it’s the seals drying out a little. Gonna try the soap fix.
  17. JK Wheels on a JL?

    I have JK Willy’s Wheels on My Sahara with no issues.
  18. So How's The Real World Highway MPG?

    I have 3500 miles on 3.6l auto Sahara JLU. Mostly highway driving and AVG according to dash is 20.4. I’m impressed.