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  2. Recent 2021 JLUR's shipped without passenger ambient footwell lighting?

    I think I have one of those is in getting new bumpers at the moment so I can't look but believe I should have it!
  3. Making the Cigarette Lighter "HOT" without the key

    This looks perfect! Just bought it! Thanks so much!
  4. Installed new leather interior

    Ha! I don't know, maybe more because I am feeling spent after adding the lift, wheels and tires, new bumpers, winch, step sliders and bestop Sunrider😬 Pretty sure I am up to the cost of the AMG I got rid of to buy this 😂😂 Out of curiosity; what was the price range for what you have done and the...
  5. Making the Cigarette Lighter "HOT" without the key

    Has anyone made their front 12V "HOT" all the time? We tow our Jeep 4 down behind our RV and we use a braking system that requires being plugged into a 12V. We currently run it to the back which is always hot but would prefer not to do this as it is a pain! Has anyone done this and if so can...
  6. Wheeling with (big) dogs

    Well, I do think you can acclimate most dogs from puppyhood without issues. Over the years we have trained our dogs to learn to be okay on boats, & Rv's. The only one that never fully acclimated to the RV was our current youngest rescue we got around a year old. She is otherwise the most easy...
  7. Wheeling with (big) dogs

    I can't help with the anxiety piece, but I do think it is dog specific and probably can be somewhat trained at a young age. I can say I have 2 Great Danes and they fit just fine in our JLUR! I am sure there is a good harness available for more use. Also we take ours on our RV and a good...
  8. 2021 JLU Proximity Sensor Issues

    Ha! struggle here too! Why on gods green earth doesn't it know the doors are unlocked. I love my jeep but its dumb, my last car was just touch didn't matter it knew the opposite! They could put the sensors on the back doors too. "eyes rolling"
  9. Installed Coverking Topliner with sound deadening mat

    Thank you so much for the specific info. I have a Coverking that we need to install. I was just wondering what additional options were available to put under the cover. As much as I love my Rubi I do miss my quiet ride! Hoping all the sticky tape holds up in the TX heat!
  10. Side Steps Recommendations???

    I have & recommend the Rockslide Engineering ones, they were totally worth the investment. They are not cheap but you can't tell they are steps and you can don't have to fret about when you do off-road. We installed mine ourselves and did add the light option. I am 5'2" so the fixed ones would...