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  1. Yes $1,000 Dollars Cash If You Can Fix My Jeep Steering Problem .

    Did they do the software update (flash) along with the steering box replacement? Both need to be done to be effective.
  2. All Fender Flare Options (I think)

    Any update on the release date and pricing?
  3. West Virginia Rubicon Fenders (Black Textured) w/ LED lights

    Ship em to AZ, 85249 and I’ll take them all :)
  4. Arizona JLU Hardtop Motorized Hoist-A-Top

    Still available
  5. Ohio WTS: JLU Rubicon Fender Flares - Black textured (Not Painted Black)

    I’m interested in them shipped to AZ, 85249
  6. Tennessee Sold-please delete

    I am going to PM you. I’d like to buy it.
  7. Arizona JLU Hardtop Motorized Hoist-A-Top

    Brand new, never installed. Open box. I am selling it for $400. They sell for 499.99
  8. Missouri Bushwacker 14085 Trail Armor Rocker Panel/Sill Plate Cover

    How much shipped to AZ, 85249
  9. Tailgate noise

    I wiped down all the seals with a damp microfiber towel and then applied some garage door lube (best thing I had on hand) with a paper towel. All my creaking noises from the tailgate are now gone. Soo much better!!
  10. JL Dash Panel Removal

    Hey, so I was just curious... Did you try using a heat gun at all when applying the wrap? I plan on trying this this weekend...
  11. Maryland (SOLD) FS JLUR Painted Fender Flares W/ LEDs (white)

    Dibs if you decide to ship. I’m in AZ 85249
  12. WTB: Rubicon Fenders - white or black (non painted) - Arizona

    How much are you wanting for them, shipped to AZ 85249?
  13. WTB: Rubicon Fenders - white or black (non painted) - Arizona

    Looking for Rubicon fenders. Either painted white or not painted (black plastic).