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  1. Tool Storage

    Anybody have any clever solutions to store their tools in the 392? I usually keep a couple blue ridge overland tools bags with me, but their is no real secure space in the 392 jl. My last jl the trunk deck spot was perfect for these bags, which is significantly smaller on the 392 because of the...
  2. Usethis 392 Project

    Works fine for street driving with stubby bumpers, but it will definetly rub off road. I am trying to decide what path to take next. I really like the factory suspension, so I thought about new inner and outer fenders and extend the bumps. (I have always like lcg and flat links) or do the...
  3. ISO 392 Engine Skid

    Not an engine only yet. Several full systems, but that is not what i am looking for.
  4. Usethis 392 Project

    Verdict on the mopar sun bonnet, yes it is loud. Super flappy even after a few adjustments. It will be great for trail crawling or quick trip to grovery store. No interstate. I just love the look of a jeep with half doors and a safari top.
  5. Usethis 392 Project

  6. Tazer Mini 392

    Sound like papa and rhineback got your covered.
  7. Tazer Mini 392

    I installed my Tazer mini yesterday in the 392 just to change tire size and turn off tpms. Has anyone tried the force 2wd yet? If so, how did it go?
  8. Usethis 392 Project

    More refined and so, more fun. I really like the active exhaust. (So do my neighbors)
  9. Alabama Teraflex Relocation Bracket $100 shipped OBO

    Bump. This would make ther perfect gift for your wife this holiday season. Or your girlfriend if your wife is underserving.
  10. Usethis 392 Project

    Yesterday I slapped on my Rock Slide Engineering bumpers and warn zeon 8k. I also put the 37s back on for good, kept them off during break in.
  11. Alabama 392 Takeoff Wheels & Tires

    Hey man, Sorry for the delayed reply and thanks for the kind offer, but i have to pass. Thanks and good luck.
  12. Lets see your 392 on 35's or 37's stock suspension or lifted...

    37" Nitto, 17 x 9 4.5 BS KMC, stock suspension.
  13. mytop feedback

    Thanks. I eventually found a few that way after sifting through the drama.
  14. 392 Skid Plates - Any recommendations and/or advice

    I am still on the hunt for an engine only skid. Y'all are making these full systems look pretty good though.
  15. mytop feedback

    "Machine warshable, made right here in my home state of Minnesota"
  16. mytop feedback

    I have a colleague who is looking into getting a mytop and asked me for advice. I don't know anything about. I did search, but found most threads are about a guy with attitude from new york :giggle:. Can anybody give me the skinny on them? Good, bad, or ugly? Thanks