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  1. Aux Switches - Simple Aux Barrier Block

    Just ran across this today, wasn't sure if anyone had installed one yet, not really necessary, but kind of a cool design I suppose. Thoughts?
  2. Backup Camera issue

    Thanks, I'll have to keep an eye on mine and see whether I get any intermittent issues.
  3. Backup Camera issue

    I jumped in my JLU this morning and the guidelines for the backup camera are also gone - camera works (not a black screen), but the guides are gone. Hoping this will automatically update and fix itself, but if anyone has any suggestions for how to reset the guidelines, let me know, thanks...
  4. SOLD - Rubicon JLU Rails for Sale - Northern Colorado

    Rails SOLD, thanks!
  5. Clips for the Gap Hider

    Yeah, those barbs are super sharp, I ended up pulling them straight up, so had to use some needle-nose plyers and a flat head screw driver to help bend them back down into place. If you can get the clips out of the metal bar that holds the gap holder, it makes it a bit easier to work on them...
  6. Clips for the Gap Hider

    On a related note, I added the cargo mat this weekend to the back of my JLU and ended up damaging the clips significantly to get the gap hider out. I didn't think I'd be able to put the gap hider back afterward, but ended up removing the clips and rebending the barbs downward and reseating the...
  7. Sold: SOLD - Rubicon JLU Rails for Sale - Northern Colorado

    2018 Rubicon JLU take-off rock rails for sale (never offroad, no blemishes, scratches, etc., excellent condition). Taken off after coming home from dealership, need a good home. Asking $125 firm, local pick up only, complete with bolts for mounting. Thanks! Location: Northern Colorado -...
  8. Which winch should I buy

    FYI, I personally wouldn't trust this review (from 2011?). Are there any other more recent comparison reviews?
  9. Is it just me or do the all weather floor mats kinda suck?

    Just curious (I haven't tried it), but when it comes to resting your left foot, does anyone use a dead pedal (assuming you have an automatic transmission)? I wonder if that'd be more comfortable for some drivers - again, I haven't tried it.
  10. ESS - The data behind fuel consumption (really interesting video)

    Sorry, title fixed! Not sure how it gets stickied :)
  11. ESS - The data behind fuel consumption (really interesting video)

    So, this video explains a study that was done to compare how much fuel is used by idling your car (say at a stoplight or train track) vs. shutting off and restarting the engine (for example, using an ESS system). It turns out that there is some pretty good evidence to suggest that using an ESS...
  12. LoD signature series side steps

    For anyone who's installed these (or other sliders) - were there holes left in the pinch seam? If so, did you use any hole plug to plug them (and if so, what size are the holes/plugs needed)?
  13. LoD signature series side steps

    My LOD sliders arrived today and packaging was perfect (no contact with the spray foam). Can't wait to get my JL and get these installed - yes they're beefy, yes they're heavy!
  14. LoD signature series side steps

    In case you haven't seen it, Wayoflife did a nice write up and installation video for their LOD signature sliders, /blog/index.php/2018/08/21/jl-journal-lod-signature-series-rock-sliders-installation/']check it out here! He ended up painting the pinch seam, and I agree, it looks a lot nicer with...
  15. Frustrating Delays - Rail Delivery

    Andy, so it did just that. Took a while to leave Toledo, headed West, then detoured south to connect at another rail yard and then north again, and finally appears to be headed west, thanks!
  16. LoD signature series side steps

    Thanks for the info and pics, I have a set on order, have been told by retailer it'll take 2 weeks to get them, we'll see. I hope that the foam didn't overspray in mine. Did you drill the extra bolt hole on the passenger side?
  17. Frustrating Delays - Rail Delivery

    So, my order was released from factory (railyard departure) on 8/21 -- updated just now it's traveled a whopping 195 miles in 5 days. It's a bit frustrating when you want it to arrive sooner rather than later. Anyone else experiencing rail delays? Not sure what the hold up is...
  18. Past and present pictures

    Love the green hooks, awesome!
  19. JL Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    Definitely still doing it. I signed up today...
  20. JL Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    Hi Scott, I did go ahead and sign up at If you become a level IV member or higher ($29) in the forums, they will track the build for you and provide you with a detailed build sheet. I'm purchasing my JL out of state, so it's important that I know exactly where it is in transport...