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  1. Phone Holder Alternatives?

    I've used Pro-clip in other vehicles and it was great! 67 designs is such a slick set up for jeeps....I love their rail system and went with that for my JL.
  2. Quick question on tires....

    I needed a relocation bracket to move it up. Mine came with the reinforcement and I'm glad I have it...those bigger tires get very heavy very quickly.
  3. Quick question on tires....

    Running a 315/70/17 on stock 392 issues
  4. Tazer Mini Install

    This was the most painful mod I have ever and physically. Is there a reason that little plug has to be so difficult to remove? And couldn't Jeep find a worse place to mount it....ugh!! That all said, the Tazer mini is a nice the extension cable for...
  5. Show me your White Lettered Tires!

  6. Lets see your 392 on 35's or 37's stock suspension or lifted...

    Good build progress this week...35's (no lift or spacers), winch and lights all on. Almost done...for now...;)
  7. 392 real world MPG

    Over the first 2k miles, almost none of it off road, sadly, I typically average about 16 mpg. I did get 18.3 on one tank, though.
  8. Jeep Rubicon 392 Hydro Blue Build

    No wheel spacers? Any rubbing? How about a picture down the side?
  9. Lets see your 392 on 35's or 37's stock suspension or lifted...

    No lift? No wheel spacers? ...and no rubbing? Sounds too good to be Have you flexed it out at all? I would love for this setup to work, but I didn't think it least not for off-road use. TIA
  10. Jeeps parking next to Jeeps... post yours!

    Went to a small town car show...sure didn't expect to see another 392, but lo and behold...
  11. Anyone using their 392 as a daily driver?

    Daily here...of course so far, with the nice summer weather I'm on the bike more than in the Jeep. ;) I love it for a daily driver...not one single complaint.
  12. Trip to Ouray and Moab September/October 2021

    Lot's of options at both places, and both places are incredible, but they are vastly different from each other. Ouray: One day could be spent running Mineral Creek - Engineer Pass into Lake City. Then returning via Cinnamon Pass to Animas Forks - Then drop down into Silverton - Then back to...
  13. 392 squeaks after every start

    The "tick" at start up is what I was referencing...and what I hear on mine.
  14. 392 squeaks after every start

    It's even listed as a know issue in the small "392 specific" owners manual.
  15. 3 Newbs and a Moab Trip

    Simple solution to the traffic and congestion...go during "off-season", and in the middle of the week. Go during EJS and the place will be PACKED. IMO, that's worth it, too...just a different experience.
  16. Lifelong wrangler driver. Considering jumping ship...

    I don't think the factory steering stabilizers can handle the larger tires. Check your alignment, JL's like ~6 degrees of caster...IMO. Then pop for a high quality SS. I picked the Falcon adjustable eliminated the bump steer issues. Now the "loose" steering...that's a whole other...
  17. JL for a roadtrip??

    Very comfortable and fun to drive in every way...except the steering is horrible on the expressway. Downright dangerous in heavy traffic. The faster I go...the harder it is to stay in my lane. 70+ MPH could get down right scary...especially in windy conditions, heavy traffic, rough roads, etc.
  18. What are minor things you wish you knew before buying a JLUR?

    Love my jeep...but wish I would have realized how HORRIBLE the steering would be. I didn't notice it on the test-drive because we were at slower speeds. On the highway, the dead spot in the steering is BAD. Dealer tried several times to fix luck. it's better now that I've worked with...
  19. Loose steering feels like it has play and drifts

    I have the Falcon and really like it...mine is adjustable (soft, medium and firm settings). I've never run the Fox to compare, though.