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  1. Tomorrow is DEC 6

    Dond - I don't think anybody is saying you personally should do the updating. What people would like to see is a customer view into the vehicle build process. This would be something customer friendly that passes through build data. Of course this can be set up to slightly under promise, over...
  2. What the #@&% is this abomination?

    Could it be a movie vehicle?
  3. Do I have time to order a factory built Jeep?

    I did miss out on top down driving in August, but if it helps keep the windshield intact longer, it will be worth it. I’m glad I got the Jeep the way I wanted it.
  4. Do I have time to order a factory built Jeep?

    Based on my experience of 90 days held up by the Gorilla Glass I don't think you have time. That said if you have something else to use in the short term ordering exactly what you want does provide great satisfaction in my book. Hard to predict, but I suppose it is possible that when the '22...
  5. How important are heated seats to you?

    Love remote start on a cold day
  6. It’s true: the drain plug has been removed from the front diff on Rubicon

    Just confirmed my September delivered Rubicon does not have the front drain plug
  7. It’s true: the drain plug has been removed from the front diff on Rubicon

    I will double check, but I think it was missing from my Rubicon as well. V6 eTorque delivered in early September. OK - can of worms here, quick glance at the maintenance plan it says to change front and rear axle fluid at 40,000 miles if using your vehicle for police, taxi, fleet off-road or...
  8. HYDRO BLUE Wrangler JL Club

    does the armorlite drain plugs line up better? My experience with the Jeep floor mats is the holes don't line up very well at all with the actual drain holes
  9. How important are heated seats to you?

    Last 4 cars have had heated seats and steering wheel. My Ram (and now my Jeep) had the auto on when it is below 40, which is genius in my mind. If I lived in Phoenix I may not look for them, but living in the PNW I love having them on all my cars. Funny side story, I was in Phoenix in August...
  10. HYDRO BLUE Wrangler JL Club

    Awesome! Kind of makes me wish I had got the XR package! Wasn’t available when I ordered, but dang if that doesn’t look great!
  11. Hard Top and Soft Top Question

    I suppose I am fortunate that I do have space in my garage, I fold the soft top up, wrap it in the vinyl wrap it came with and hang it on 2 ~ 18 inch hooks from Home Depot. Was a bit tricky the first time I installed/removed it, but I have it down pat now. The only hard part for me is...
  12. Hard Top and Soft Top Question

    Pretty easy to change out the tops. Since I have room I went with the Harken Hoister to remove and store the hard top up and out of the way. I've adjusted it a bit so I can pull it up closer to the ceiling
  13. Reverse light options

    I love my LED tail lights, but I wish I could simply swap out the reverse bulb like I did on my 2017 RAM 1500. Simply, inexpensive and put out massive light! These look like a good alternative for the Jeep, especially as I have the AUX switches for easy install
  14. HYDRO BLUE Wrangler JL Club

    Wowza - Must have been some sort of great deal, I am west coast and was fortunate enough to get a pretty good deal locally. Can't wait to see the pictures
  15. HYDRO BLUE Wrangler JL Club

    Looking good! Where did you pick it up? Great way to break it in!
  16. WTB Rubicon steel front bumper and skid plate

    Anybody planning to replace their steel front bumper? If so let’s make a deal! love to upgrade to the
  17. Which one of you was this? $100K Jeep flooded and totaled in the river

    I was impressed how calm the owner of the Jeep was…maybe he was in shock by that point
  18. Quality of Backup Camera

    Yup I’m considering the same. The after market LED reverse lights on my RAM were awesome. at least on my Jeep the camera provides a good enough view even at night in the rain.
  19. Quality of Backup Camera

    I have a 21 with both front a rear camera. Both are pretty good, however my 17 Ram 1500 had an absolutely fantastic rear camera, especially after I added high output LED reverse lights. My Jeep is not nearly as good especially on dark rainy nights, as my Ram,It is good enough though for me to...
  20. Oil change frequency, dealer told me DO NOT use service required alert?

    I am not advocating how frequently you should change your oil, but I will say you shouldn't trust that service advisor at all. If I were you I would try find somewhere else for service