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  1. Why Jeep does not automatically share build status?

    I am not a fan of dealers, I always leave with the feeling I had a bad deal...overpaid, or didn't haggle enough. Of course now the dealers really don't give a damn, it is a take it or leave situation, some people are lucky if they pay MSRP, I heard about a Ford dealer charging 10k over MSRP, so...
  2. Why Jeep does not automatically share build status?

    I work with Manufacturing companies in the implementation of technology to improve their business, so of course I know that sharing data with customers, i.e.: status of orders, is a reality, I dont think one needs to be in Tech to know this. Data can be shared in near real-time, i.e.: when an...
  3. Innovative Jeep Wrangler 4xe Named to Wards 10 Best Engines and Propulsion Systems

    Brand new 4xe, less than 200 miles...CEL light pops up, throttle control and other a red turtle going up a parking ramp too. Brought it cant seem to be able fo fix the issue, CEL keeps coming back. Asked for a new one!