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    Have a full set of premium half doors new in the boxes, Color PX8 Black, $5000.00
  2. Indiana Sold: OEM Factory Half Doors

    I have a full set of 4 OEM Factory PREMIUM Twill Half Doors in White, new in the boxes, they are coming in on my 392 due to arrive early September, taking reasonable offers, will hold for small deposit.
  3. 2021 Jeep Rubicon 392 first Vin and order, build and delivery tracking list

    VIN 827485 Ordered on 8/3 went D1 on 8/6 expected ship date 8/28 White with HALF DOORS, TRAILER TOW, FORWARD CAMERA.

    Ordered 8/3 VIN827485 D STATUS, White, Dual Doors, trailer tow, forward camera,
  5. Rock Krawler Rear Spring Correction Pad

    I ordered a set from you guys and I got 1 short and 1 tall, I need both short, how can I get a matching short so I have a pair.
  6. 40'S on your JL

    It definitely takes some fine tuning but you will get there.
  7. 40'S on your JL

    All you do is carry the contour of the wheel well straight through its about 1" off the bottom corners right behind your rear tires, also I should mention I have all 8 adjustable control arms which you set as far forward as you can so the tires don't rub the front of the wheel well at full...
  8. 40'S on your JL

    I run 5" lift only 3" bump stops, 3.5 backspace wheels, no fender chop just trimmed sheet metal in rear and I touch nothing.
  9. 40'S on your JL

    A little winter wheeling in JL1
  10. 392 Wrangler Unlimited BASE MSRP PRICE REVEALED [$73,695]! Pricing directly from Stellantis

    I ordered on 11/20/20 still stuck in BX, I did get half door option.
  11. 38's & 40's JL Pics W/Lift Kit! Post Em Up

    The outer fenders have their own bracing, nothing to do with the inner fenders
  12. 38's & 40's JL Pics W/Lift Kit! Post Em Up

    The 2 are not connected, you can remove the stock inners, the DRL are part of the black lip on the fender which I still have.
  13. 392 Roof/Half Door Ordering Issues

    I ordered mine with half Doors and regular roof, order was accepted back on 11/19/20