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  1. Tail light acting up

    Update: for the past month or so the lights have been working normally. Every now and then I will get a notification on my dash that the right rear is out but when I check it is fine. This weekend I swapped the lights and the error on the right still occurred, but the light works fine. I...
  2. Top notch customer service!

    I ordered a set of taillight led bulbs and load equalizers. Turns out if you have the led package then you cannot change individual bulbs. I contacted Oracle and they took care of my issue no questions asked! Great customer service!
  3. Tail light acting up

    Ironically at the dealer getting an oil change right now (I know, I know)…. Setting up an appointment for next Friday to look at it since they are booked today. Will pull battery cable and swap lights in interim to see if that fixes it. I have the Mopar extended warranty so I need to read the...
  4. Tail light acting up

    Checked this morning. No moisture. Those Raxiom are nice. At $350 each for the Mopar I will be going that route if Raxiom has an option for the Jeep’s with the LED package already.
  5. Tail light acting up

    It is the LED package. Going to try the left right swap test then battery disconnect. I did not see any noticeable water intrusion but will investigate closer tomorrow. Thank you all!
  6. Tail light acting up

    Thank you both!
  7. Tail light acting up

  8. Tail light acting up

    So I have the LED package. I recieved a warning on my dash that my rear passenger taillight was out, and the turn signal on the dash did the fast blink like they typically do when one is out. The error would come and go. Well last night the warning was on so I had my son watch the tail light...
  9. Air Conditioner DB Reading

    I agree, but my exact worlds more or less were when I turn the AC on above 3 the “outside” fan sounds like it wants to take off like a plane. The techs notes state that the blower motor was cutting out and noisy. Back I go.
  10. Air Conditioner DB Reading

    I know there are tons of threads on this already, but I am not sure there is one measuring decibels. I brought my Heep in 2 weeks ago to see if the Dealer could fix the loud AC, thinking they would do the TSB I have been reading about. Nope. They changed out the blower motor.... Guess what...
  11. Louisiana Wtb roam sliders or LODs

    Awesome thanks!
  12. Louisiana Wtb roam sliders or LODs

    Thanks for the heads up. If I find a pair I am goi g to mount at max clearance.
  13. Cracked Windshield Club

    I didn’t really apply pressure to this one.
  14. Cracked Windshield Club

    FYI the Rainx windshield repair works decently. I have fixed about 5-10 chips and cracks over the last 5 years or so and would say it has about a 75% success rate for me. Worth a shot. One thing I would caution against is putting pressure on the windshield. The directions say if you cannot...
  15. Louisiana Wtb roam sliders or LODs

    Possibly looking for Roam sliders or LODs for 4dr JL. What ya got.
  16. Jeep Wrangler Warranty Instant Quote

    I bought A warranty from you last year. Does this lift kit thing involve a separate warranty?
  17. JL Cargo Room

    It fits a lazy boy!
  18. Louisiana WTB - Slider/steps

    Looking for some sliders / steps for an 18 JLUR. Roam Lod Possibly Ace Let’s hear what ya got.