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  1. I think I blew my alpine speakers :(

    I have a 19 Sahara and was adjusting the bass (on apple car play) with cord connected and all of a sudden I hear a lord cracking noise now my speakers sound like there blown, maybe a fuse? Anyone have any knowledge on this? I only have 175 miles.. smh
  2. Possible to retrofit LED turn signal housing into Sport S? Someone just sent me this
  3. Retrofit OEM LED headlights?

    1,000$ Wow a little pricey but still gonna get them, Thank you! I bought the morimoto drls haven’t put them in yet hope I don’t have as much problems as guys on YouTube
  4. Retrofit OEM LED headlights?

    I have jl with non led package I have replaced my taillights with led and fog lights, does anyone know if I can install oem led headlights? Or what I have to do to wire them? Thanks
  5. Jl lift wheel combo

    Thanks for changing my mind about the 22’s lol I’m hooked on 18x10 with 35’s
  6. Jl lift wheel combo

    Thanks for the input iv been on YouTube and seems like a lot of people run 20’s I think I’ll explore the 18/19 option with 35’s any suggestions on wheel brand?
  7. Jl lift wheel combo

    I knew that was gonna be brought up what about 20x12? Is it gonna ruin the ride? This is my first Jeep and it’s my daily driver
  8. Jl lift wheel combo