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  1. Windshield Washer Sensor - Dash Warning Light Stays On

    Grey electrical plug to the washer level sensor here:
  2. Windshield Washer Sensor - Dash Warning Light Stays On

    I found one note on this and the resolution wasn't helpful. Washer fluid level low on the dash. Reservoir is full and works. Rear harness didn't get connected last time I took the roof off and plugged that in. I am thinking a new sensor is needed. Some talk of Rain-x being responsible (yes, I...
  3. Transfer Case Fluid?

    I changed mine (transfer case) today @ 28K miles and planned on 1.7 quarts, ended up using 2.3 quarts. I have an auto with a LSD if that helps anyone (had to make a second trip for the ATF). Used Valvoline synthetic. My opinion? The ATF came out clean and did not need to be changed. I don't...
  4. Got the V41 recall work done

    I took mine in. Don't see any new part at all. The sticker on mine says "580AB" and seems like it's dirty and has spray from the undercoat I did when new (2018 March). The ticket has some gibberish on it, no part number or anything..... nothing really said when I checked out today as I had oil...
  5. Jeep trails and rentals near Estes Park, CO???

    Just to clarify, the OP was flying into Denver. I agree tho, Colo Springs north on I25 is a terrible slow-moving traffic area. There is a paved Fall River Road but the OLDER one (dating to Native American routes) is really fun and scenic. I recommend it and wouldn't try it without 4WD as there...
  6. Jeep trails and rentals near Estes Park, CO???

    Old Fall River Road in Estes Park. Absolutely a must, but you will need to enter thru the RMNP gate (a slight fee to the feds).
  7. Jeepers who do a spare tire delete, what is your plan in the event of a flat?

    I am curious of the look, what do you place in the back? Nothing or is there a gas tank etc. Thanks.
  8. How can I tell if my Sahara has the limited slip rear axle?

    This isn't necessary, the thread has good advice... Just to keep it simple. If you have an auto, look and see if you have a "4H auto" option on the smaller shifter right by the drivers knee. This includes the limited slip. It's 4 wheel drive on demand. I suppose it's possible to have limited...
  9. One Year and 15,500 Miles with my Rubi

    Good review! I am at the one year mark in about 6 weeks on our Sahara. A few areas I can add are below, but I'll be slightly more critical (love my jeep tho). No issues except for a dislodged rear window defroster. Parts are ordered. Wields were good. Mine had a couple loose fuses but pressed...
  10. Daylight Running Lights in Uconnect

    This may be a Jeep import restriction in Spain. There's a reply here similar to yours from the Middle East where they couldn't do this as well.
  11. Daylight Running Lights in Uconnect

    I posted that some time ago and haven't played with it much... they should edit that menu item in the uConnect to say "fender DRL" as it would make more sense.
  12. Daylight Running Lights in Uconnect

    Hi Scott How do you turn off just the fender lights? I can't seem to get that choice. Do you leave your headlamps on auto? Thanks.
  13. Daylight Running Lights in Uconnect

    No, it's under settings, lights....Here's a snap shot. Make sure there's a checkbox here.
  14. Weird uConnect/Radio issues/fix

    I think it is just a loose video connector.... It will be checked by the service tech, don't worry.
  15. Daylight Running Lights in Uconnect

    Hey Jude (sorry couldn't resist). No problem. I just set my lights to "auto" for headlamps. I never knew this, but your running lights are on (halo and fender only). I don't even bother with Unconnect just make sure DRL is on in the menu. At the outset a Sahara has certain upticks... I am...
  16. Trying to become a Jeep owner- advice solicited!

    I bought from Tyson in March, did 5% below invoice. Wouldn't hesitate going back as you are close to them. I drove 4 hours ... no one in my area was even close in price. Absolutely no fluff, deal on the phone and paid cash. No trade. I'd try and sell your '07 if you can first. Even if you don't...
  17. The Sunrider for Hardtop for the All New Jeep® Wrangler JL is here!

    I went into this purchase with a 50/50 attitude and it doesn't bother me either way. I guess the ball is in Bestop's court. If they cancel the order, that's their business and they don't want the order.. I have no desire to call them no matter what. I wouldn't repeat a credit card info over the...
  18. Installing Front Camera

    This seems like over-kill. Have to by a $300 Tazer to re-reprogram one item in the menu to turn on a $30 cargo camera? I realize some people may have this already for tires and other mods, but I don't know for me it doesn't make sense. On what level does a consumer violate copyright on their...
  19. Installing Front Camera

    Where is the spare video input? I have the 8.4" screen. I really want something plug in friendly. it would be great to have a recording buffer too.
  20. Trailer hitch wiring

    Lots of money... sorry though had trouble. I thought the Mopar solution had an extra connect under the dash for electronic trailer braking .... or just have the dealer check your wiring work *they probably won't. It shouldn't need programming. All I needed was a 4 pin.. tell e- trailer what...