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  1. Welds on new 2019 JLs

    I am delaying my purchasing decision as long as possible to let them get the welding issues resolved. This are simple solution fixes - and it is borderline terrifying (to me) that they aren't addressing them.
  2. Found terrible welds on my frame horns

    I am still in the market for a vehicle. Every month I roll back here to see what issues are cropping up with the Wranglers. Every month I return full of hope, wanting to feel like at least FCA has the basics rectified. Every month I leave this site disappointed . . . I am cross shopping this...
  3. 2019's with ACC EWWWWW

    That made me laugh. What's appalling is that I'd pay for both those options - in order to get a "certified" new Wrangler . . .
  4. Sky One-Touch Power Top Noise in high winds

    That’s better than o had worried about. I was thinking 3-5 before you might get seepage from the edges - as the gasket aged.
  5. Sky One-Touch Power Top Noise in high winds

    I am wondering how long these will stay water tight . . . Love the concept - but I am in Oregon . . .
  6. MVP Lifetime Max Care Warranty no longer offered after November 30, 2018

    And the last sentence in the second paragraph says we "do" want to miss this chance.
  7. 2019 Residuals (Jeep JL Wrangler) Just Came Out-- and they are weak

    That is insane, assuming relatively good credit.
  8. Got my new 2019 Mojito Sahara today

    Incredible toys. Enjoy the Wrangler.
  9. 2019 Residuals (Jeep JL Wrangler) Just Came Out-- and they are weak

    That doesn't account for the money factor (interest) on the "loan" they are making to you. Your actual payments are more than just the depreciation on the vehicle. More here:
  10. Adaptive Cruise Control 2019- need report from new owners

    Fair - you have to hit the gas to get the Subaru moving, and it will then resume. But true stop and go doesn't require any driver interaction. Your vehicle stops and moves forward to keep pace with the vehicle in front, all on its own. I find that to be more relaxing in traffic than the...
  11. 2019 Wrangler Lease

    Not OP - but for someone on the fence about jumping into the "Jeep pool" at all, based on concern about quality issues, leasing provides a bit of insurance. I REALLY want a Jeep, but what's holding me back are the stories about poor steering, rusting welds, missing welds, electrical failures...
  12. Koons Group Buy

    Ugh - this thread has me looking at driving routes across country . . .