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  1. May incentives...?

    When I bought my Rubicon last year I started with a bank loan inquiry and then noticed I had dealers sending me emails from all across the state. At first, I was politely turning them down or ignoring them. Then I thought why not use this to my advantage. So I sent every one of them and any...
  2. Engine braking in an Automatic Jl

    I only have 3K on my new JL so far. But have to agree that the Auto does a pretty good job on its own. I have some rollercoaster-like hills for part of my drive so I will occasionally flip it to manual to hold a gear otherwise the auto will shift just as I hit the hill base going for the next...
  3. Honda Accord - Zero....Jeep JL with hitch mounted skid plate - One

    Also cant beat the 5530 - 2 of the most posted speeds out there and easy to remember. Thanks for your service also!!!
  4. Honda Accord - Zero....Jeep JL with hitch mounted skid plate - One

    I totally see your problem!! It's your license plate!! In the medical field, HBC is shorthand for Hit By Car!!! Used if a patient is injured from a car. This time the patient is your jeep. Bet you never forgot your license now!!
  5. 2.0 v 3.6 towing

    I heard that Jeep isn't placing a 2.0 in the Gladiator since it didn't perform as well for towing. Do some checking to confirm. "Jeep will not offer its 2.0-liter I4 turbo engine in the Gladiator, The Drive reports. A Fiat Chrysler spokesperson told The Drive that "the 3.6-liter [V6] engine can...