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  1. Sleeping suggestions

    Hey all, I'm looking for some insight on this. I do not want an overland tent I am just curious on suggestions for sleeping ideas within the Jeep 4d or if anyone knows of better ways to sleep in it. I do not know if there is a hammock kit that can be attached to the vehicle or even floor ext...
  2. Need Help Picking Aftermarket Headlights

    Yeah I mean I am one and I don't pull people over for after market headlights. It's not illegal unless they are driving around with high beems on or the lights aren't angled properly and get construed as high beems .but these are DOT stamped on them so you should be fine. I fine tuned my angle...
  3. Wind on road.

    Unfortunately the dealers I think are tired of working on Jeep issues. They don't even help me anymore and say they can't find the issue. Just like my leaking rear window they say they can not replicate or find yet the water still runs down the glass when it's raining out, but it's clearly me...
  4. Need Help Picking Aftermarket Headlights

    I live in VA too. The lights I will say need to be adjusted with some washers for mine as they are Angled down into the ground a lot .But turn those high beems on and say hello to day light holy crap. You will be fine in VA if you just adjust them and don't have them blinding on comming traffic...
  5. Need Help Picking Aftermarket Headlights

    Took the leap and glad I did. Bought the lights from Amazon and fit was perfect. I do agree the dumbest thing is to adjust the angle using washers but honestly I haven't driven at night yet to see if I need to really adjust mine. I did wire up the DRL using a fuse tap (7.5v fuse for the DRL to...
  6. Anyone know what this wire and connector is for?

    Got ya so probably the front parking sensor
  7. Anyone know what this wire and connector is for?

    I'm wondering if it's for the front parking sensors that don't come with the Sport model
  8. Anyone know what this wire and connector is for?

    I can't figure out how to post picture lol
  9. Anyone know what this wire and connector is for?

    The numbers on the connection state 68286005AA 53362291 It's a two prong connection that is sitting in a holder under the headlights and makes no sense why its there for no connection.
  10. Need Help Picking Aftermarket Headlights

    Follow up to your post cause that is a great price for a true 9" light if it works that well. Did you notice any feed back or flicker with the new lights installed. Like would we need to get anti flicker connections?
  11. Need Help Picking Aftermarket Headlights

    What in the sweet baby Jesus are those lights they look sick. How much you pay and how good of visibility do you get.
  12. Slow shift points.

    So I upgraded my stock tires from the 245/55R17 to 255/60R17 (M/T). Does anyone notice upgrading the tire gives you slower shift points and doesn't go to 8th gear as often anymore? Does anyone have any recommendations to fix this or info if this is just how the Jeep will function from now on.
  13. Water leaking?

    Seeing these responses.....I will def have to try the silicone. Might just used some black silicone I have in the house instead of buying some clear stuff. I do wonder the same if this is a design flaw why even have them anyway to begin with. As far as the rear window issue I might try the...
  14. Water leaking?

    So I have two things here to question. 1: I get a random leak/drip from my rear window on the inside of the hard top. When it's raining. Can anyone help if this is normal or should not be happening. 2: my front driver doors basically flood with water from the rain sill on the hard top again...
  15. Wind on road.

    I have not seen this bulletin. But that's good to know. Not only will it be going in for the wandering but that. Hopefully they can do it all at once .
  16. Wind on road.

    Good to know I'm just loosing my mind hahaha thanks.
  17. Wind on road.

    So I'm new to Jeep world. Can anyone explain or verify the wind that comes while driving almost like there are voids in the weather seems. Like a whistling especially with any little blow of the wind after 65mph.
  18. FREE - NEW - GONE

    No worries sir, heck I just appreciate the opportunity to try and get something updated for the stock jeep new from someone willing to help .
  19. FREE - NEW - GONE

    I guess the bigger question would be where is here? For you hahahaha. I got a 4dr 19 that's stock so would be a nice upgraded floor.
  20. Monthly Giveaway!

    Signed up thanks for the possibility of getting to upgrade my stock Jeep.