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  1. JL Fuel Door Install / Video

    Can you replace just the fuel door and not the assembly? Every video I see about changing the door is an assembly not JUST the door on the hinge.
  2. Options for carrying a canoe/kayak

    I read that the hardtop only supports 40#. Will your yaks exceed that? I was looking at an eco-skeleton to overcome the weight.
  3. Looking for some air bags to level Rubicon for towing...

    I got told that even with the distribution. The burr was sagging
  4. Working Brake Controller cable found

    I ended up getting a Curt harness to end confusion.
  5. Working Brake Controller cable found

    So if you plug in the harness and controller then the brake system is good to go for the JLUR and trailer?

    I always feel like it’s unaligned. I’m constantly wiggling back and forth to keep a straight line.
  7. Am I the only one?

    I have a few red accessories for my mojito...charge car, stool (for my mom), etc and I’m thinking of coating my light bar brackets red
  8. Over-Windshield Light Bar Install Questions

    I haven’t installed one yet, but in my research, it’ll most are putting the wires under the bracket. Most of the brackets come with spotty gaskets to protect the paint. I wonder why a full length gasket isn’t provided. I am currently looking for a bracket with a hole to put the light bar...
  9. Color scheme

    I went to Jeep Beach this past weekend and noticed that other JLURs have a red dashboard. Anyone else with a Mojito color have just the black dashboard?
  10. Lightbar mount for JL

    Now that we are in to May, I have seen various companies with the mounts. However, I heard the ones with an actual hole vs one with a slide in divot are better and haven’t seen that type. Any ideas?