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  1. What Does Your Electric Fan Do?

    The question I would ask is, “When does the fan NOT run?” I feel like it is always on…but yes, on hot days…it runs loud.
  2. Anyone Running With Windshield Down

    Finally got around to doing this. Not very practical as it actually limits visibility but it looks cool and pays homage to the WWII Jeeps. (And I plan to only drive slowly on back country roads…no bugs or rocks in my teeth please!) 🤪
  3. Jump starting a dead JL 2.0L w/ eTorque

    Sorry that I can’t help more than share my experience. I had a dead/dead battery and after multiple failed attempted jumping the “normal” way (following the user manual), I was able to successfully jump fro N1. No fuses busted and no issues at all. BSG, battery voltage, check engine lights...
  4. Jump starting a dead JL 2.0L w/ eTorque

    Thanks for the advice...I didn't have a jumper wire at the ready but will keep to keep something handy in my tool bag. I check my N3 fuse, as well as all my other fuses, and everything looks good. Also, my check engine line turned off last night and my BSG and battery is working now.
  5. Jump starting a dead JL 2.0L w/ eTorque

    I hear ya...fair enough; however, after scouring this site and others, I wasn't able to find a solution that worked. I tried jumping my Jeep the traditional way, with no luck. My choice was to get a tow or use an option that seemed to have worked for a number of other people, including others...
  6. Jump starting a dead JL 2.0L w/ eTorque

    That didn't work for me... :( So I had to go the hidden strap approach.
  7. Jump starting a dead JL 2.0L w/ eTorque

    I was able to without a problem. You just have to pull on the strap and shift it back into Park. In my case, I was also able to jump my Jeep and was able to it "automatically" too.
  8. Jump starting a dead JL 2.0L w/ eTorque

    As I understand it, the first terminal connects to the AUX battery...and its the AUX battery that is connected to the starter. That is mentioned in the jlwrangler .com forum post I included. Either way, it worked for first time, without hitch. I will be driving my Jeep later today and will...
  9. Jump starting a dead JL 2.0L w/ eTorque happened to me last night. Not exactly sure how or why my batteries died but dead they were! My first issue was figuring out how to put my Jeep in neutral to roll it down my driveway to make room for our other vehicle get into a position to jump my Jeep. It's not possible with the...
  10. Jeep + LEGO = Awesomeness

    Doh! I should have looked at the posting more...the idea "expired" as it didn't get enough votes. Oh's to the next LEGO + Jeep idea.
  11. Jeep + LEGO = Awesomeness

    So...I love all things Jeep...and all things LEGO. What if I could have the best of both worlds? Well, with your up-vote, we can! Check out the LEGO Ideas site and show your support for the idea someone put together to make a JL Unlimited (with wench and removable doors to boot!). If they...
  12. Warn tube doors (with pics)

    I’m sure you looked at this but there are some slight adjustments you can make to the height at the door hinges. I would try to flip the latches to the other side of the Jeep and flip upside down to see if there are any improvements. My biggest frustration was the installation but once done...
  13. Extension cable very useful for our modifications (Tazer or others) !

    Awesome! You don't know how many curse words and tweaked necks I've had trying to take my Tazer Mini on and off for Service visits. This is definitely a quality of life increase for me! Great find! I'll be ordering direct from Zautomotive.
  14. Hollister Jeep Adventure Academy 2020 - photos and review

    I was there Friday. Great event and great people! I learned a bit too.
  15. Hitch-mounted cargo boxes

    I have a Rola carrier and my only frustration (to be expected) is that when loaded, I can’t open the back of the jeep. So, more planning is required when packing/unpacking. Other than this, it works great!
  16. EZTrunk looks interesting

    This looks cool but personally, I like the Diabolical enclosure ( It is easily one of the top 3 things I've done to my Jeep. Its pretty flexible in terms of taking the top off, folding it back and down, etc. My only complaint (other than installation of one...
  17. Warn tube doors (with pics)

    The side mirrors was #1 and then cost. I had tried different side mirror options and none have been close to as good as having them on the door. Cost is a bit cheaper too. Other than this, I like that the front doors have an "arm rest" built into the door, that I don't think the Mopar ones...
  18. Mirror Delete

    I got a set of Trail Mirrors from Motor City Aftermarket, which mount on the hood hinge and they are great--no sagging or flapping in the wind. See: I tried two different brands that mount on the door hinge that either with...
  19. Warn tube doors (with pics)

    Good quality for sure! My only complaint is that when the doors are closed, they rattle a little. This is generally ok as with the top off and music don't hear it. :) When installing, I wish they installed the hinges from the factory. This was a pain-in-the-butt in trying to line...
  20. Warn tube doors (with pics)

    Here are some pics...