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  1. IOS 13 felt the difference?

    Yup. Kicked out and will not connect again until I stop the Jeep for a while, say in a store, and come back out and then it works fine ... 'till it doesn't. iOS 13 visually and sound wise is pretty awesome so far. Hasn't been long enough for the drop to happen tho.
  2. Willys and Freedom Edition Return to Wrangler (JL) for 2020

    Where are the freakin' 1/2 doors for the Willy's!? My Machete Edition.
  3. Quick Poll - Why You Choose Not To Wave?

    Most wave in San Antonio, I see jeep leaving a High School, it waves, women, men, stock not stock everyone waves around here. EXCEPT, the bearded mountain-man in a TJ, alone, rarely waves. Incidentally, Common for Motorcycles to wave, even cross breed Vehicles that are the same to a T Any...
  4. Removing Rubicon hood decal?

    Let heat and Pixel Decals to put back. Used the "wet" method, worked fine.
  5. JL Bikini Tops?

    I don't know why or how this thing is only $45 ... My Alien shade, just one of the pieces was more that that. Even if it only works one season, it is kinda worth it.
  6. How well do stock Rubi rock rails perform

    Correct. Few bolts to remove. I painted with Spray paint. Been nearly a year and still holding up good.
  7. “Service Axle Locker System” Light On

    I'm getting it too. Definitely electrical or programing. But based on your collective experiences I'm going to wait. I can engage the lockers, have and continue to do so. But for some reason, in 2 wheel drive, when I stop and the engine would normally stop, like at a light, it lights up, or...
  8. What are the thoughts about the MOPAR Sun Bonnet?

    I didn't test in Rain. I did see another post where it dripped all over the dash from where the zipper is. You could probably sew a velcro flap there and make it better, but the bonnet doesn't extend over the doors either so there is a big gap where I'm sure rain would pour into the door if you...
  9. Idling all night with the A/C on to sleep in the Jeep?

    Just make sure there is good ventilation ... not under a tree or covered patio.
  10. Caught in the rain

    I had purchased the Mopar Sun Bonnet which it sounds like what you have, I realized it would not stop a drop so I returned it. All they had to do was extend over the doors and swap out the sipper in the front ... such a shame.
  11. JL Bikini Tops?

    I have two piece red, great for sun, horrible for rain ;-)
  12. Caught in the rain

    Tis the season. Had hardtop off doors on drove in rain for 30 min everything soaked. I park in garage, so next day I parked in sun. Dried it out, all fine. I think it can handle anything short of submersion. Now if someone would make a freakin Bikini top I wouldn't have this PROBLEM !!!
  13. JL Bikini Tops?

    Looks like it. I guess the price points we are looking for and the profit margins are two thin to actually care about us as customers. Some start-up has a good entry point if they are thinking of moving into this space. There isn't much love for the existing companies out there, that is for sure.
  14. Spare tire delete on daily driver

    If I go offloading, twice a year, I throw the spare in the cargo area, throw a board on it and load it up. Automobiles seldom get flats in every day use and there is AAA for that. I'm not changing I tire on the side of the highway with folks zooming by at 70mph. When is the last time any of...
  15. What are the thoughts about the MOPAR Sun Bonnet?

    Had a Bikini top for the JK. Cost about $99. With the doors on stayed dry. Really pisses me off no bikini top builders provide yet. Must be a legal reason or something. It was suggested I build my own. I may just have too. If the bonnet went over the doors I'd be good with it because I don't...
  16. What are the thoughts about the MOPAR Sun Bonnet?

    Bought it and returned it for a 10% loss on the restocking fee. Didn't like the fit, it looked all right stationary, except it would allow a lot of water in. At 40mph my son and I were laughing so much because we couldn't hear each other shouting the top was so loud. If you need for the beach or...
  17. Odd question asked

    Wendy's took away the SuperBar = Strike One Wendy's changed their fry recipe from one of the best fast food fries, when fresh, to the absolute worst = strike 2-3. I don't know if a Wendy's Med will fit, I suspect it will, as all other cup sizes fit, but Wendy's is dead to me ... dead.
  18. No hinge bolts on your doors?! You crazy?

    Similar. Took mine out, drank each with a shot of tequila then shit them in the front yard to show the dog what a boss I was. Seriously tho, I take them on and off in a few min with powered driver. Did loose one while driving, will not replace.
  19. Tube Doors - do they really increase safety

    Anyone know what protection the OEM doors have? They seem very light weight. Where as the Rugged Ridge seem very formidable.
  20. Spare tire delete on daily driver

    Spares on the road are so 1980. When we had 2 ply tires ran them till they were bald, that’s when I had a flat. In 25 years, at least, the only flat I’ve had is in my driveway in the morning - due to a roofer nail or something. I air up and go get it patched. Off-road, I carry plugs and...