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  1. FAD vs CAD trivia question ❔

    Now I'm really curious when the first use of FAD occurred on any vehicle. 🤔
  2. FAD vs CAD trivia question ❔

    True. That would make sense because many early CAD (not just Jeep) were vacuum operated and had a terrible reliability reputation. Of course, auto hubs weren't much better.
  3. FAD vs CAD trivia question ❔

    Just something that I've been wondering since I first heard about the FAD on current Jeeps. When did the Center Axle Disconnect (CAD) become the Front Axle Disconnect (FAD)? Years ago it was common on some vehicles to have either auto hubs or CAD. Now everyone talks about FAD. Best I can tell is...
  4. GECKO Wrangler JL Club

    That's it! Nice. Referencing a cross-post here (foolish salesperson), but I'm looking forward to my new JLURDG! :facepalm: On a different note, I noticed not one picture on these 65 pages (wow!) that matched my particular Gecko combination. Rough math says there are only seven possible...
  5. GECKO Wrangler JL Club

    Actually hoping for something like this, but with a red border on the reptile skin--not a red background. Imagine the RUBICON decal, how it has a neat red border on the letters.
  6. GECKO Wrangler JL Club

    What I'd really like to see is a black gecko with red trim, just like the "RUBICON" on the hood. Does anyone here have Photoshop and the skill to create this image? Post it, please!
  7. Warn winch issue

    I've been using Warn products (winches, lights, hubs, etc.) for 30 years and it's precisely because of the customer service and product quality. Last time I needed help was when I broke the winch motor cap by striking it against a rock wall. Obviously my fault, but they sent me a replacement cap...
  8. How do I get the front axle LCA bolts out?

    Lots of posts on how to apply more force, but only a couple on doing it smarter--relieve the binding force. If holding the bolt and the nut will not turn, then additional torque and lubricant/heat is needed. If holding nut and the bolt will not turn, very likely it's binding due to...
  9. What is order/build trim code 8DA?

    Looking at the order guide, there a few places that mention 8DA but I can't find what it is. The front license plate bracket (MDA) is included w/8DA, but the mud terrain tires (TWG) is N/A w/8DA.
  10. Latest 2021 Jeep Wrangler JL and JLU Order Guides

    What is 8DA? There are a lot of references to it in the order guide but I can't find where it's defined. Is there another thread or location that help decipher these codes (at least the ones not in the std equipment section)?
  11. Jeep Factory Leather Options

    Ok. I think I get it. The $1695 "leather trimmed" option is the factory cheap leather option, which includes the nicer dash pad, door panels, etc. The $1750 is the dealer adding the nicer MOPAR (aka Katzkin) leather to the seats, but leaves everything else as is. So in theory opting for the...
  12. Jeep Factory Leather Options

    I'm confused. The build page has a $1695 (above std cloth) option for "leather-trimmed bucket seats." A separate option (available w/cloth or "leather-trimmed") is a $1750 perforated/stitched leather black by Mopar. 1. Leather-trimmed bucket seats actually leather or vinyl? 2. What is the...