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  1. I was just offered $51,500 by a dealer...

    The spread between the interest rate on the loan versus the percent return on the cash invested elsewhere.
  2. I was just offered $51,500 by a dealer...

    Sold wife’s ‘18 X5 yesterday - 16.3K miles later - for $3K more than I paid for it 3.5 years ago, and purchased ‘22 X5 under sticker, with financing at 1.9% APR. Wild times.
  3. I was just offered $51,500 by a dealer...

    I also suspect - not given a choice - that you’re amenable to paying off that fixed quantity debt covenant, with a fiat currency soon to be worth less (for said same quantity).
  4. I was just offered $51,500 by a dealer...

    Very low [new] car loan interest rates right now. Inflation is here and suspect is only getting worse over the next few years. So even if you presently have the cash to buy a car outright, why would you?
  5. TPMS for 06/05/21 and newer JL's

    Fixed. If anyone needs some “new” Schrader 29093s and/or 29057s - that need new valve stems - on the cheap, let me know.
  6. What’s downside to 392 outside of cost and mpg

    That’s unfortunate. I was going to de-badge my 392XR, but I guess the 392 emblems will stay.
  7. Off road insurance coverage?

    Get it in writing from your agent and it can become your policy!
  8. Dealers % Below Invoice on 2022 Wranglers

    Also in Chicagoland. Ordered 2021 JLUR MT from Hawk CDJR in May 2021 for 6%-6.5% under invoice including TL and took delivery in August 2021 (GG delay). Ordered 2022 392 XR from Dan Cummins CDJR last week for 3% under invoice (no TL/AR). Hope to pick up in KY before Summer 2022.
  9. TPMS for 06/05/21 and newer JL's

    This is what I presumably need. Where are these available/where did you order from? Thank you.
  10. Dealers selling under MSRP?

    Did the exact same with them having placed the order yesterday 10/15. Will enjoy the 2021 JLUR 3.6 MT until the 2022 JLUR 392 XR arrives sometime in 2022.
  11. JL Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    Did you input your vehicle specific details into the tracker on 10/13 (a few days ago) and not manually change the order date to 9/8?
  12. TPMS for 06/05/21 and newer JL's

    Yes, I’ve used both the “AA” AND the “AB” versions (the above “AB” Schrader version currently installed) - neither have worked.
  13. TPMS for 06/05/21 and newer JL's

    I have had this same situation for the last two and a half months. Have had both the Mopar “AA” (Schrader 29093) and the Mopar “AB” (Schrader 29057; currently still installed) TPMS sensors (since having gotten new wheels and tires a few weeks after having taken delivery of the Jeep) and nothing...
  14. TPMS for 06/05/21 and newer JL's

    No TPMS reset functionality in any of my touchscreen or steering wheel menus (2021 JLUR; mid-end of July 2021 build date).
  15. New TPMS sensors part for 2021+ models?

    Haha, ridiculous. I’m now a couple thousand miles deep and still nothing from the AB version TPMS sensors. @goin2dirt - find out anything as respects a third “Continental” TPMS version?
  16. Invoice price of 392?

    Finishing order for 2022 392 XR right now - 3% under invoice and to KY I will be going.
  17. October 5 is tomorrow. Will the rumors come true?

    Give Jason a call, it’ll only be a few minutes of discussion. With the TL AR program being shut down and current market conditions, not sure where he/they are at present as respects pricing (versus May 2021 when I ordered).
  18. October 5 is tomorrow. Will the rumors come true?

    Hawk was easy - no complaints. Back in May: I did my custom build via the Jeep website and emailed such to Jason. I then spoke with him about pricing/reached an agreement, he then built/priced (as discussed) it in his system, took a requisite $1K deposit, and then placed the order. I then...
  19. October 5 is tomorrow. Will the rumors come true?

    My dealer said 2022 MY ordering not yet available.