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  1. Help me lift my Jeep just a bit

    I got 2" in the rear and 2.5" in the front (with spacer) and I had the same issues with the Rubi coils. I got the tallest ones they make but I'm light in the back (soft top, plastic bumper) so the ride was rough and the Jeep rocked back and forth on the coils when I came to a stop. Had a shop...
  2. Help me lift my Jeep just a bit

    I originally put on the Rubicon shocks when I swapped the coils and put in the spacer. They were too short, had no drop in the back, rough ride and started leaking. Swapped those out for the 2-3" lift Bilstein 5100's and the performance upgrade was immediate. Highly recommend a shock upgrade...
  3. Help me lift my Jeep just a bit

    1/2" spacer on the suspension.
  4. Help me lift my Jeep just a bit

    I have the 2-3" Bilstein's with the tallest Rubicon coils ordered from a wholesaler plus a 1/2" spacer in the front of my Sport. Currently running 285/70/R17 but there is plenty of room to go up to a 34" tire. Loving this setup. Kept the bumpstops stock without issue, although I don't do...
  5. PUNK'N Wrangler Jl club

    Beautiful day for a topless PUNK'N drive
  6. What is the worst aftermarket thing you got for your jeep?

    Bull bar. Ruined approach angle and looked ridiculous with the plastic bumper. Didn't wait long to bite the bullet and get a full metal front bumper.
  7. Would a rubicon take offs level my sport rake at all?

    Well I never put the Rubi suspension on by itself. I put the spacer on at the same time, but yes the factory rake would have been similar if I had not put in the spacer. I think the Rubi suspension takes out some of the factory Sport rake but certainly not all. I think a 3/4" spacer would be...
  8. Would a rubicon take offs level my sport rake at all?

    Depends on which rubi coils you got. Did they come from a rubi with steel bumpers? I also did a rubi swap to my sport and have a steel aftermarket bumper and winch. I put in a 1/2" spacer to help level it out. Wish I had gone with a 3/4" spacer with the front weight.
  9. New JLU owner

    Love my '18 Punk'N soft top!!
  10. Rolling coal

    Have you ever been coal rolled? As a cyclist, I have. I've also had a soda thrown at me and hit right in the face. It is assault, plain and simple. Once you're on the receiving end, you'll think different.
  11. Soft top or hard top?

    Bought my Jeep off the lot with a hardtop for a year before buying a soft top used. Gotta say I prefer the soft top!
  12. California Red Rock Bull Bar

    Red Rock 3" Bull Bar with built in skid plate. $100. Local pickup only. No damage, replaced with full metal bumper.
  13. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Installed LoD Signature mid-width bumper with a Warn VR-10S winch plus JKS sway bar quick disconnects.
  14. PUNK'N Wrangler Jl club

    My PUNK'N '18 Sport on Rubi suspension/tires
  15. NorCal Backcountry Explorer

    NorCal Backcountry Explorer

  16. What first? Lift or camping essentials?

    Camp first. Get cheap camping gear to start out and see if you like it. It's a lifestyle and it isn't for everyone. I just put 33's on my stock Sport and can get anywhere I want to camp with ease. Simple ground tent and basic gear work great for me year after year. I got Rhino Rack roof rails to...
  17. California Granite Crystal Wheelset

    Bump, $250. Willing to meet someone half way within most of Nor Cal.
  18. California Granite Crystal Wheelset

    Full set of 5 wheels. Minor scratches/scuffs on each wheel. Includes lug nuts. Came off an '18 Sport. $325. Local pickup only.