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  1. Ohio 2020 Rubicon JL Suspension Take Offs

    I’m selling my Rubicon suspension take offs from a 2020 JL. This was taken off right at the dealership, so it’s almost brand new. $250 for the whole kit with all the parts you see in the photos. Springs: 3591AA 3590AA 3659AD 3660AD Located near Akron, OH
  2. Lift - Sahara Springs versus Rubicon Springs

    Yes, the passenger side springs are longer. I’ve read that on a lot of threads too.
  3. Lift - Sahara Springs versus Rubicon Springs

    So am I correct in reading that I would go up about .5 with the parts I have? (Ie. 60-59 = 1 = .5) I’ve also heard that the Saharas are .75 higher than Sports and .75 less than Rubi’s. With that calculation, it seems about right?
  4. Lift - Sahara Springs versus Rubicon Springs

    Looking for some input on my 2019 JL Sahara. I have the following spring part numbers on my Jeep: Front Springs: 3659AD and 3658AD Back Springs: 3588AA and 3589AA I also picked up a Rubicon take off kit with the following spring parts numbers: Front Springs: 3659AD and 3660AD Back Springs...