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  1. Non Rubicon's with spacer lift and 35s

    Well if anyone was secretly curious what this might look like, here it is with 35s and 2” spacer lift.
  2. Non Rubicon's with spacer lift and 35s

    Hey all, I currently have an 80th anniversary with 33s and 2” AEV spacer lift, but recently got a really good deal on some 35s and want to mount them on quadratec morphic wheels. My question is I've seen lots of Rubicon's with spacer lift but not many sports or Saharas. I'm curious how that...
  3. Worry about pins breaking when removing doors?

    I actually did bend my pins when I reinstalled on my driver side. In hindsight it felt a little tight and I forced it a bit. With some patience I was able bend the pins back into place and reconnect properly. If it feels tight plugging back , just double check you're lined up and should be...
  4. Added AEV Spacer lift w/Correction brackets

    Just a personal preference. As much as everyone says they are safe, and I'm sure they are, I just don't like them. I'd prefer to run with rims with the proper backspacing than add another potential point if failure. Having said that l, I've run with them on for almost 10k completely issue...
  5. Added AEV Spacer lift w/Correction brackets

    Hey, do you have some more pictures? Do they rub at all? I have the AEV spacer lift as well but with 33s on stock wheels with spacers. I really don't like spacers and want to go to 35s with new wheels, but am curious how they will fit.
  6. Rubicon Chirps over Bumps

    I have this exact noise and have narrowed it down to brakes as well. Is this something that needs to be replaced by dealer or is it just a matter greasing brake components? I'd rather not take to dealer if not necessary
  7. SARGE GREEN Wrangler JL Club

    Thanks, Good year Duratracs 275/70/18
  8. SARGE GREEN Wrangler JL Club

    Thanks, it's the sport 80th anniversary. I just added, the black grill and rock rails from a willys, AEV spacer lift and 33s
  9. SARGE GREEN Wrangler JL Club

    Some early morning shots
  10. Do you constantly take cell phone pics of your JL every day? Post them here!

    Had to stop for a quick sunrise pic on the way to work
  11. 2" lift with 33s - was your 2" lift actually a 2" lift?

    I went through the same thing recently, and ended up going with the AEV 2" spacer lift. Think it looks good with 33s. Only disappointment is it didn't get rid of the rake. Front Middle Rear
  12. 80TH ANNIVERSARY Edition JL Club Thread

    I had heard that I may get some rubbing with the AEV lift without them. I installed them before the lift so can't confirm if it would have though. I'm curious to try without them but I do like the stance with them on.
  13. 80TH ANNIVERSARY Edition JL Club Thread

    Decided to go with AEV 2" spacer lift for now. I'm happy with how it turned out, and seems to drive same as stock which was my main concern. Also 1.75" wheel spacers. First 2 pre lift, next 2 after.
  14. What brand/model are stock tires on 80th Anniversary Edition

    Mine came with 255/70/r18 Bridgestone Duellers
  15. 80th Anniversary Wheels & Tires

    I really didn't have the stocks on long enough to tell if there is any difference in fuel mileage, but I assume it did take a bit of a hit. I do feel the extra weight of these tires. Installed these measure almost 32.75" whereas the stocks were about 31.25"
  16. 80th Anniversary Wheels & Tires

    Here's a couple more. That's on stock suspension. I now have 1.75“ wheel spacers on and have the AEV 2" spacer lift ready to put on when I get some time.
  17. AEV ProCal SNAP

    Hey does anyone know how to remove the wires from the connector? I installed the #1 wire top left and #9 bottom left but it won't light up. Maybe I got that wrong? I just can't figure out how to remove them now. Thanks.
  18. 80th Anniversary Wheels & Tires

    I struggled with the same decision. There doesn't seem to be much demand for any takeoffs besides Rubicon stuff. In the end I liked the stock rims better than the Rubicon take offs I was seeing, so I went with duratrac 275/70/18s. I like them for now, but eventually will go to 35s on 17s.
  19. 80TH ANNIVERSARY Edition JL Club Thread

    Picked it up last week off the lot, exactly how I would have built it. Struggled with decision on 33s on stock wheels or switching to 17s, but in the end went with 275/70/18 Duratracs on stock wheels. Just ust need to figure out what small lift/level I'm going to go with.