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  1. When your friend gives their honest opinion on Jeeps.

    Thats is awesome cuz I have both! And love them BOTH for over 20years!
  2. Fobless key

    I did just turn 50 on Monday. Holy crap I’m 50!
  3. Fobless key

    Nice! Thanks for the info. And your scenario was spot on!
  4. Fobless key

    Really?!? Did not know that! What happened to $5 key cuts?
  5. Fobless key

    I recently got a dummy key (fob-less) for when I go surfing, and local locksmith wanted $45 to cut the "high security" Jeep key? Are they crazy? That is steep!
  6. One thing I don't like about my Wrangler

    The river that flows from the rain/gutter channels when its raining and you open the door.
  7. Texas FREE switch

    I will take it. Gotta a great idea for it. Will PM you.
  8. Mopar cold air intake - do I Have to cut

    Yes I remember that show. Its funny how air will always find a way.
  9. Mopar cold air intake - do I Have to cut

    I stated it seals the REAR and MOTOR SIDE, pnot the entire thing. I mentioned the outer side and front are open. Here are pics of what I am saying. But if it was designed so we can get more direct air in, wouldnt it be better than limiting to nooks and crannies for air? I just went to look...
  10. Mopar cold air intake - do I Have to cut

    When you cut the hood do you need to change anything in the inside to get the air from the hood cut instead of the front grill ? How exactly do our 3.6L breathe? I changed the air filter yesterday and realized the entry to the air box is rubber sealed to the back and motor side when the hood is...
  11. 2020 TPMS sensors on a 2021 Wrangler

    It really depends on the frequency used by the Jeep and the tpms. Jeep for 10years has used 433 Mhz frequency tpms. I have not heard they recently changed this frequency. I just bought wheels and tires from a forum member last month and bought 433 Mhz tpms from amazon. Tire shop put them on for...
  12. Virginia OEM Muffler & NIB Rough Country Tailgate Table Combo

    Ya I know, we usually reference the movie “My Cousin Vinny” when we hear the word “UTE”.
  13. Virginia OEM Muffler & NIB Rough Country Tailgate Table Combo

    Not a problem. Very nice of you to give them away. BTW, what is a Ute? lol
  14. Virginia OEM Muffler & NIB Rough Country Tailgate Table Combo

    I will take them if you think you can just drop them off at the closest UPS or fedex store for shipping. Of course I will pay for all related shipping costs.
  15. Jeep humor waiting room ( ** NO POLITICS ** )

    Yes but, I am not going through all 18,321 pages (x 10 posts per page) here. Soooooo… its seems new again! And again, and again, and again, lol
  16. Florida Sahara 18 inch Rims and Tires $200

    Hey brother I will take them. Will PM you.
  17. Indiana WTT: My Magnaflow Dual Axle Back for stock muffler

    Sorry it didn't work out with the shipping. Hopefully you can find someone closer that can use it. Good luck with the sale.
  18. Virginia Jeep/Mopar tailgate reinforcement kit

    Will take it if we can split the shipping cost to 32159. Do not need stock hinges or carrier.