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  1. 2nd time out, 2021 diesel more issues , Round two!

    Just my 2 cents, but this sounds like a ground issue. It could be the main body ground is loose. This would cause all sorts of electrical gremlins and codes after hitting a hard bump. Might be worth checking all body grounds for a loose one.
  2. Trying to figure out what this is?

    I believe that is an add-on that causes the 3rd brake light to flash. Definitely not factory.
  3. Proximity Locks Issue

    Did this happen to start after you had the doors off? The pins in the door connector are easy to bend when putting them back on.
  4. 2020 JLR Trip A/B Reset

    Turn the ignition on > Use the up or down arrows on the left steering wheel control until the trip shows in the middle screen (Screen 6) > then press the OK button. To switch between A and B use the left and right buttons whil the trip is displayed.
  5. 2020 JLR Trip A/B Reset

    I have a 2019, but should be the same. Bring up the trip odometer in the main screen. Once up, hold down the OK button on the steering wheel for a few seconds. That resets the trip reading. I do it every tank for tracking my MPG. Hope this helps.
  6. Heated Steering Wheel

    Well that is the way Tesla is working. They give you the big battery and only let you use all of it if you pay for it.
  7. How to activate heavy duty trailer wiring

    Yes, the images I have seen show that the fuses are external to the fuse box when the dealer installs the kit as they cannot add wires to the fuse box. This may just be for the aux switches though. Mine was dealer installed and works fine.
  8. How to activate heavy duty trailer wiring

    Was this orderd as part of the build, or did the dealer install after the fact? Dealer installed does not use the fuse box.
  9. Help identifying a different style fender my dealer sent me

    Hopefully that is the case greyfox. If not, I doubt they would take them back.
  10. Help identifying a different style fender my dealer sent me

    My question would be since you had them painted can the dealer even swap them?
  11. Speakers cut off after restart from ESS

    It sounds like the new amp is powering all speakers. Easy check. Start the car as normal in the driveway and have someone looking at the power light on the amp. Have the ESS kick on and then off and see if the light on the amp flashes. Sounds like the lead that tells the amp to turn on is...
  12. 7 months and just learned this. . . . telescoping visors

    Was driving to work and the sun is now at the point where it comes in the side window. So I move the shade over and it was just short, so the sun was still hitting my eye. I went to move it and realized that I could slide it back to the perfect spot to block the sun. Never saw anyone mention...
  13. FCA Recall and good service

    I also use Ourisman in Clarksville. I just did oil change and rotation on a walk in and was done in 45 minutes. Great service and my salesman Ace stopped by to talk about Jeeping and off roading. Highly recommend them.
  14. Guess Ford was feeling left out.....
  15. Nav motion lockout defeat?

    I thought the Tazer allowed you to do this as one of its options. You had to leave it plugged in all the time.
  16. What Fender Flares Should I get?

    Wish they would offer the front fenders from the Gladiator Flatbill concept.
  17. Little things you discovered on your JL

    I found that the storage compartment in the rear floor is good to keep leftovers warm on the long ride home. First time I have used it and everything in there was toasty when I got home.
  18. Trail suggestions near Gatlinburg, TN

    I have a trip planned to Gatlinburg too and I am interested as well. Hope to break in my Rubi and family with some trail rides in the smokeys.
  19. What option do you regret not getting? By popularity!

    He is probably getting a little heated by now. I regret nothing. Being able to order exactly what I wanted is a great thing.