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  1. Show your custom Jeep name decals

    Happy to help you out with something just like that!
  2. Fender Decal / Inserts

    I'll explain here so more people can understand: Since the rubicon fender sits higher, the shorter more common style of fender decal has a hidden tail: On a non-rubicon they look like this. Since the fender is lower you can see where they end: The solution to this that some prefer is a...
  3. Fender Decal / Inserts

    It's not different, its just that the non-rubicon fender is lower, so you can see where the shorter decal ends versus the higher fender hiding the tail, if that makes sense. We offer a longer template that goes all the way to the front of the jeep, however the shorter more universal ones are...
  4. Post your progress on Extreme Recon package here

    The grey/silver is the "Outline Color", the black is "Color", and the X is obviously "X Color"
  5. Post your progress on Extreme Recon package here

    Here you go:
  6. Show your custom Jeep name decals

    Heres another more custom font that a customer sent me a video of today using some reflective material for the outline:
  7. Hood liner removal tips?

    This tool is the key:
  8. Post your progress on Extreme Recon package here

    Decals are live and loaded in the store! I may have forgotten to come back to this thread and say so.
  9. GECKO Wrangler JL Club

    Hey Gecko people - A Gecko Gladiator owner asked for this design and I loaded it up to the store thinking a few others might like it too:
  10. Looking for this dashboard decal…Help?

    Yes! You want the Avery SW900 Bright Blue Metallic option. I started carrying that color specifically because of the 4xe.
  11. TUSCADERO Wrangler JL Club

    Yeah, all the others in the series for all the other paint colors have an icon. I can most definitely make a no-icon set for anyone who wants them, and there can of course be multiple versions. That is a silhouette of pinky tuscadero the character, not a stripper, but I can see where it could...
  12. TUSCADERO Wrangler JL Club

    I don't disagree, having trouble coming up with what sort of "icon" to use rather than the lips or character silhouettes I have there so far that might be more widely appealing. Hoping the community has some ideas.
  13. TUSCADERO Wrangler JL Club

    Hey guys, trying to work on a Tuscadero Edition decal to add to the lineup. Comments, thoughts, ideas?
  14. Rubicon getting coated w/ IGL Kenzo Ceramic

    My guess is they would apply around the decal.
  15. Dash Board Sticker

    Message sent
  16. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Thanks! @Chile1 happy to make you some for your winch as well!
  17. Show the stickers / decals you've added to your Jeep Wrangler JL

    You can pick the 3M Gloss Gold Metallic and make a note in the comments box at checkout to use "Desert Gold" which is the match for the 392 Accents. I have not added that one as an option to the website yet, so this is an easy workaround.
  18. Anyone able to design a logo?

    @wibornz I am sure I can help. Can you explain what size you want it to be or where you want to use it on the Jeep? You can contact me by DM or email if you want as well.
  19. Looking for this dashboard decal…Help?

    Thanks @thance @Tacoman03 sending you a message.
  20. New JL Decals added!

    You did not, I am sending you a DM!