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  1. Illinois Sold: '19 JLU Sahara Hardtop / Granite / 12K miles / V6 / Manual / 2" lift

    I'm entertaining the idea of selling the Jeep as my automotive interests have shifted in another direction. I'm located in North Chicagoland 12,241 miles (will go up slightly) Granite Crystal Metallic Black cloth interior 3.6L V6 Manual 6-speed transmission 3 yr / 36K miles warranty 5 yr / 60K...
  2. Geometry correction brackets for 2" lift - recommended

    Adjustable control arms is definitely another option that I have considered. From what I read, in addition to helping with caster, geometry correction brackets lower the mounting point of control arms, which adds some benefits as well.
  3. Geometry correction brackets for 2" lift - recommended

    Modifying the Jeep for serious off-roading is not the highest priority for me. I did not measure before and after, but I seriously doubt the loss would be more than one inch. I hope I can still make it over Chicago potholes.
  4. Geometry correction brackets for 2" lift - recommended

    The caster after the bracket was 5.7. From reading the forums, somewhere around 6 seems to be the sweet spot.
  5. Geometry correction brackets for 2" lift - recommended

    I chose Rancho over AEV because they the Rancho ones have 3 holes for different lift sizes. Interestingly enough, they recommend the top hole for a 2" lift, but using the middle hole put the caster where it should be. I kept longer Mopar control arms as well.
  6. Geometry correction brackets for 2" lift - recommended

    I've been running the Dynatrac 2" lift on my '19 4-door Sahara for a while. The ride, the dampening, and the cornering have been fine, but the steering did not feel right. There was too much play around in the dead zone and too much adjustment needed when driving on a highway. I started with...
  7. Illinois Stock steering stabilizer (AD) $50

    Bump... make an offer
  8. JL (2DR) '19 Sahara suspension takeoff $125

    Make me an offer. Bump.
  9. Illinois Stock steering stabilizer (AD) $50

    Takeoff stock steering stabilizer Removed at 340 miles (replaced with Falcon) from 2019 Sahara 4D, Hardtop, 3.6L This is the version from February 2019 (serial number ends with AD) $50 Pickup in Glenview, IL, or I can ship for about $15.
  10. JL (2DR) Sold: SOLD: Teraflex 1.5" JL 4Dr Spacer Kit $70

    JL 4-Door 1. 5" Performance Spacer Lift Kit corrects the factory nose-down rake 2" front, 1.5" rear Clears larger tires Compensates for extra equipment Removed at 340 miles (replaced with Dynatrac kit) Pickup in Glenview, IL, or I can ship for additional $10
  11. JL (2DR) '19 Sahara suspension takeoff $125

    For sale: 2019 JLU Sahara hardtop suspension Removed at 340 miles (replaced with Dynatrac) Includes: Shocks, springs, control arms, sway bar links Almost new Pickup in Glenview, IL
  12. Illinois Sold: Sahara 4D hardtop shocks and springs, 170 miles, $100

    Sahara hardtop shocks and springs Removed at 170 miles (replaced with Rubicon) Pickup in Glenview, IL $100
  13. Illinois Rubicon 4D hardtop shocks, near Chicago, $50

    Used on my 19'Sahara, removed at 3K miles (replaced with Fox) No off-roading Bought new, just taken off a new hardtop 4D Rubicon Pickup in Glenview, IL $50.
  14. Pedal Commander review

    I had it on City plus 4 initially, then dialed down to City plus 1. I installed it 4 hours ago, still getting used to it. Thanks for the info about changing settings on the fly.
  15. Pedal Commander review

    Installed in about 5 min. Works well, it is easier to shift smoother now, and the Jeep feels more responsive, especially in 2nd and 3rd gears. Just a bit of more low-end torque from 1.5K RPM, and it would be perfect!
  16. Manual trans.only - allow setting seat heater defaults

    The standard canned response is laughable. Here's a very likely scenario: when disabling the remote start section of the UConnect menus for manual transmissions cars, software developers forgot that the settings related to heated seats are also located under that disabled section. Now, since...
  17. Saying hello... first Wrangler after 25+ years of wanting one

    Yes, I had Chevy SS, M6, which is the same car as Holden. Will miss it for sure.
  18. New and considering Wrangler

    Just remember: if you read forums, you will never buy any car. There not too many people who go on forums to say how great their car is (well, I see more people like this on Jeep forums). Most people come to forums for advice or to discuss an issue they've encountered. Just like any car these...