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  1. 2018 jl 3.6 sludge in engine?

    Found it.
  2. 2018 jl 3.6 sludge in engine?

    I seem to recall seeing head gasket coolant leak related engine issue discussions on the gladiator forums, you might want to look there for information.
  3. Iowa 5 New Quadratec Baja Xtreme II Wheels - $500

    Still available.
  4. Question regarding the Windsheld defrost These are not available, but any 16mm OD, 12mm ID, 2mm width should work.
  5. 2019 Wrangler Limited JL issue -- won't start, nothing but emergency lights blinking

    Were your batteries run down from the emergency lights being left on? Try charging the batteries and see what happens.
  6. 3.6L ESS Aux Battery Bypass

    It looks to me like your aux battery is the good battery and the main battery is the bad battery. Try leaving the aux connected and the main disconnected and see what happens. You should probably get both batteries charged and load tested.
  7. New Buttonless Fob Model

    +1 for softer shape
  8. Moving to Minnesota for school.

    As a person who frequently looks at Wranglers on the Minneapolis Craigslist, my advice is to not count on finding a rust free Wrangler there for a reasonable price. A person should at least look at Wranglers before they move from the San Diego area.
  9. Moving to Minnesota for school.

    If you are going to get a Wrangler, get it in San Diego before you leave. There's a lot of rust buckets in Minnesota due to the chemicals used on the roads in the winter.
  10. Ethanol-Free Gasoline

    Based on other's reporting of around 10 - 15% improvement, I'll add that my 20% is based on a cross country trip where my highway mpg varied from 21-22 to 25-26, which I attributed to using ethanol blend versus straight gas.
  11. Ethanol-Free Gasoline

    I've found I get 20% better mpg with straight gas compared to 10% ethanol blend.
  12. Aux Battery replacement the easy way... pull the fender flare

    The battery charging warning is for the main battery. The battery sensor monitors the main battery and reports on it's state of charge. There is no monitoring of the aux battery, just a quick pass/fail test before every cold start.
  13. Intermittent hesitation under sudden acceleration (the double downshift scenario)

    There isn't any throttle lag with my JL 3.6 ESS manual, but there's very noticeable lag with my JT 3.6 ESS auto. Recalibrating the throttle on the JT helped - key on run with the engine off and 2 slow cycles of the throttle pedal.
  14. Quake LED headlights vs Oculus

    The lights all work just plugging them into the existing harness, but you have to run the wires from the rgb controller to the lights for the halo effects to work. It's all theoretically plug and play, but there have been issues with controller, phone and application compatibility. They've...
  15. Quake LED headlights vs Oculus

    The color of the individual halo LEDs in the Quake RGB Halos are programmable which allows for special effects like spinning and fading colors. There are a lot of fun effects, I can program my halos to spin red, white and blue.
  16. Like to get some feedback on secure cargo area enclosures.

    Here's what I have, light weight and easy in/ easy out.
  17. Please Critique This Idea

    Lots of similar discussion here.
  18. Idaho 7" UConnect radio with bezel and unlock code out of 2021 JLUR $450 shipped

    Doesn't the unlock code have to generated based on the VIN of the vehicle it is being installed in?
  19. What Non-Factory Mod is Absolutely Worth Every Penny

    @2020 White Widow Here's my thread on my speaker upgrade.
  20. No Power to Dash

    Check for power at N1 and if that's good start checking the regular fuses. The underside of the PDC cover identifies the fuses. What led up to the "no power to dash"?