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  1. PREVIEW: JL Patriot Series Rear Bumper With Tire Carrier

    Ok. I can live with that. Just get rid of the sensor holes and I am in.
  2. PREVIEW: JL Patriot Series Rear Bumper With Tire Carrier

    I have your front bumper on my JL and had one on my JK. I have two issues with the rear bumper. The first is, I don’t like plugs in my bumpers where the sensors would go. I ordered my JL without sensors because I don’t care for the appearance. The secon is the trailer hitch. It appears you...
  3. 67 Designs discount code?

    I use the 67 Design mount fo my phone and GoPro. I find it very well made and stable. It is in line with other commercial quality mounts for electronic devices.
  4. Can the JL be flat towed behind an RV ?

    Rock Hard bumper work great. This is my second Jeep with one.
  5. Flat towing behind an rv.

    That’s what I have
  6. JLUR owners with cloth seats chime in

    I ordered mine with cloth seats. My last JK had leather. When I was riding with the top down the seats got very hot. Have not had that issue with clot seats. I have leather in my other vehicles and love it, but not in my JL. I haven’t had a static issue and I am usually easy to charge.
  7. Off Road Pages Update Status...

    I got my off road pages about two weeks ago. They are still there. I looked at them this morning.
  8. Wiring Schematic or pics

    Diodes May cause issues with a JL. Cool Tech makes a harness that works well. They are a sponsor on here. I opted for their product after much research. Easy install.
  9. Am I the only one who likes my Jeep?

    This is my 4th Wrangler and by far the best. It drives better, looks better, and performs better that any of my previous Jeeps.
  10. Flat towing behind an rv.

    My second one. Had one on my JK.
  11. Flat towing behind an rv.

    I have the Rock Hard front bumper with tow tabs. I think Blue Ox has a tow plate for the JL. I saw one recently but can’t remember if it had the steel bumper. CoolTech make a very good wire harness that is an easy install.
  12. Flat towing behind an rv.

    You can tow it with no issues. Simply put the transfer case in neutral and the transmission in park if automatic or in gear if manual.
  13. SmartStopStart, disable ESS the way it should have been designed

    Mine came in Yesterday. Fast delivery. Installed it this morning. Remote start works, no light on dash. And the ESS works lol it should have from the factory. So glad I don’t have to remember to push that damn button any more.
  14. Attention dingy tow owners

    I use the Blue Ox unit and it works fine in my JL. Actually works better than in my previous JK. I would be interested in the invisibrake install.
  15. SmartStopStart, disable ESS the way it should have been designed

    I ordered one yesterday. Hope to have it soon. I hate when I forget to push the button.
  16. Shifting transfer case when preparing to flat tow

    I have flat towed for years with a Wrangler. Everything from a YJ to a JL. Start the motor, put the transmission in neutral. Turn off the engine. Shift to N on the transfer case, put the transmission in Park if automatic and in gear if straight drive. You will get gear clash if you shift to...
  17. Door Accessory Power Connector

    I have had some issues with my power locks locks and proximity unlock on my passenger door. I disconnected the door accessory plug that you disconnect when removing the doors. I found several of the contacts bent and one contact fell out in my hand. I carefully straightened the remaining...
  18. Door lock and unlock not working driver side

    I found the issue with mine. One of the contacts was slightly bent in the plug that you disconnect the door on the vehicle side. I snapped the plug loose from the kick panel where I could see it. These contacts are small and appear flimsy. Not a very good design for a plug that is meant to be...