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  1. My Overland Rhino In Progress

    No issues mounted right up with the 2.0 brackets. I was told once I throw an awning on I will have to push it as far to the right within the gaps that it’s in but shouldn’t be an issue. Love the Skycamp too.
  2. My Overland Rhino In Progress

    Some up to date photos from a trip last weekend.
  3. American Adventure Labs Rear Cargo Platform

    Looking at your picture I was able to get my fridge slide in line with my drawers. I’ll try to get a picture of this and how it looks from the back side. I wonder if they don’t have different hole patterns now. I was probably one of the first to order the setup back when he first brought it out...
  4. American Adventure Labs Rear Cargo Platform

    I haven’t gotten the shelf yet. Haven't felt the need to pull the trigger on it quite yet and updated other things. I hadn’t seen where they stated it didn’t work. Would have been good to know a long time ago though. Either way I didn’t have to do any modifications. I took a look at my seats not...
  5. KC HiLites - Pictures / Videos Post Here!

    Appreciate it, Submitted the RMA and got a response today from Justin. Sounds like it should be an easy enough swap and I don’t have to send the whole bar in so I’m pretty stoked about that. I was a little worried when I hadn’t heard that but getting quick response and help after the RMA...
  6. KC HiLites - Pictures / Videos Post Here!

    Anyone else have an issue like this out of the box?? I emailed them tried calling and sent them a message on Instagram. Just wanted some help trying to keep it all looking the way it came rather than completely redoing. Not looking to send it back to them or anything just wanted to fix it...
  7. Alabama Take off Rubicon Parts

    So... I didn’t have it listed as part of it because I thought a buddy of mine was going to grab it. I would be willing to Separate. I know I have a gentlemen that I need to call after work who was interested in the bumper but I don’t know that he would want the hoop.
  8. Alabama Take off Rubicon Parts

    Warn winch plate is spoken for.... Still have an Artec plate
  9. Alabama Take off Rubicon Parts

    I’ll check what shipping is today or tomorrow. I got to make a trip down there anyways and I’ll see what they say.
  10. Alabama Sold: Take off Rubicon Parts

    I have a new front bumper and and some rock slide engineering steps coming in. Looking to sell the take off rock rails for my JLUR and steel front bumper with led fogs. Rails $80 Front bumper with led fog package and skid $600 I also have a warn winch plate and artec winch plate that I would...
  11. American Adventure Labs Rear Cargo Platform

    So I did have a rattle issue at first. Finally bothered me enough that I pulled the drawers out only to figure out that I didn’t seat them properly. They were secure but not fully seated. Once I fixed that the only thing I could hear was tools in the drawers so I got the mats you would use for...
  12. My Overland Rhino In Progress

    Yeah I have 18 months on the trail now so just about done. Luckily I was one of the guys that took advantage of being here and spent a lot of my time bounce around to schools. Who needs cycle breaks.
  13. My Overland Rhino In Progress

    Yeah sorry, that’s a good catch. I actually have the Warn’s low profile winch guard. It sits a bit higher than the mopar but I like it.
  14. My Overland Rhino In Progress

    Updated original Post with upgrades and planned upgrades. Follow me on IG @rhinOvrlnd
  15. My Overland Rhino In Progress

    Yup it is the American Adventure Lab. I got one of the early sets before they started powder coating. I love it. I have had it about a year now and it’s done treated me quite well and the guys over are super helpful.
  16. My Overland Rhino In Progress

    Some small changes
  17. Jeep Lift Kit and Fox Shocks Giveaway!

    Would love to win. I’m a Drill and my four kids don’t get to see me much right now and with everything going on they are locking us down even more. Getting this would ensure that the added weight from my setup would be handled a lot better than what it is currently. Making the family safe and...
  18. STING GRAY Wrangler JL Club

    I thought that was a dark midnight blue when it was loading up. That would be pretty good looking I imagine just as yours looks pretty impressive.
  19. Rebel Summit Series Rear Bumper Giveaway

    Right after winching a TACO out of a ditch!!