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  1. Great Dealer in CT - Fitzpatrick’s

    I can’t agree more. Great family owned business. Mark is awesome, and so is their service advisor, Tracey.
  2. Tazer Mini and MacOS Big Sur

    I had to try three or four before I found one that worked. 🤷‍♂️
  3. Tazer Mini and MacOS Big Sur

    It’s your cable. Try another one.
  4. 2021 Jeep Manual Transmission

    Yes, it’s better because of the gearing. Regear a Sport and it’ll be just as good.
  5. Bricked 8.4NAV "Update Failed, Error Code: 20"

    I had a good rep, but he was getting info by calling the Parts Dept at my dealership. Once I figured that out, it was much easier to call them myself. Mine took 4 weeks. I have an excellent dealer. I think you’re 100% right that no one is getting a replacement in less than 4 weeks.
  6. Please vote on this poll on whether or not you have potted your locker sensor

    If by “all new” you mean refurbished that took weeks to order, deliver, and install, then OK.
  7. XM channel selector

    Press the round bit in the middle rather than up or down.
  8. Knipex pliers wrench set

    Had these delivered, yesterday: KNIPEX Tools 00 20 06 US2, Pliers Wrench 3-Piece Set (Actually found them cheaper on eBay.) All I can say is, “Wow!” These things are amazing. Adjustables are now in the trash. Open ended set now obsolete. Vice grips will...
  9. Clutch kit recommendation

    That looks $weet. Can’t wait for your review.
  10. Clutch kit recommendation

    Do you mean that’s all you can find for centerforce? Southbend has a bunch of options, based on your usage:
  11. Clutch kit recommendation

    Selfishly, I want you to get a Southbend kit so we can hear your review. On this forum you’re only going to find Centerforce discussion.
  12. New to Jeeps - Soft Top Down on 2Door feels Awkward?

    I couldn’t disagree more. Premium top looks fantastic. To each is own… I mean, some people think the 4dr looks good. 🥷 (I kid. Sorta.) It’s great to have so many options, though!
  13. Seat out 2 door inside rear measurement?

    Here you go:
  14. New to Jeeps - Soft Top Down on 2Door feels Awkward?

    Personally, I don’t do that. Just velcroing around the top keeps it snug enough. It needs some room to move, especially off road where you’re bouncing and flexing. My $0.02.
  15. New to Jeeps - Soft Top Down on 2Door feels Awkward?

    ^ This. VELCRO Brand - All Purpose Straps - 36" x 2" All Purpose Strap, 2 Ct. - Black Notice it is below my tire/brake light. The red Velcro is there to keep the seatbelts from flapping.
  16. What are you paying for Sirius?

    $12.84 in fees for the year is not a lot. My total cost is $5.70 per month. I have Spotify Premium and it’s fantastic. I use it to listen to full albums. When running an errand, though, Sirius is much more convenient. Also, talk radio.
  17. What are you paying for Sirius?

    $5 each for two vehicles. That’s for 12 months. See here: I have been doing this yearly dance with them for well over a decade… I was an early adopter (i.e. I used to listed to Howard Stern before he turned into Don...
  18. Beer Club

    We have two great things in CT: pizza and beer I can’t choose a favorite of either, though. So many contenders. An out-of-towner would be wise to start with Modern Apizza and New England Brewing Company (not too far from Modern). That’s right, I didn’t say Pepe’s or Sally’s. Deal with it. 😂...
  19. Backup Camera issue

    Go to dealer and explain symptoms. This is the TSB you need: