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  1. Selec-trac Vibration While Stopped

    Nope, haven’t addressed it yet. I’m going in for my 5k service soon, I’ll be asking about it.
  2. For owners ... how is the awd??

    Mine's a 2.0t which I love. Had a Sahara with 6MT and Pentastar before this - lack of torque coupled with tall gearing was awful on the highway, constant downshifting to maintain speed.
  3. For owners ... how is the awd??

    Not all AWD is as you explain it. Haldex based systems (transverse VW/Audi, Mini, Volvo) are front wheel drive based with a rear prop shaft that always spins (some new Audi's mechanically decouple for fuel savings but that's not important). The Haldex "center" coupler is really bolted to or part...
  4. For owners ... how is the awd??

    Not sure that's entirely true. From what I understand, it's a wet clutch pack than can progressively shift up to 50% torque to the front wheels. Basically like a backwards Haldex that you have the option of locking into 4-Hi. I have it on my Willys for extra wet grip on the mud terrains (I...
  5. Mopar / Meyer snow plows announced for JL and JT

    Upstate NY here - had a plow on my riding mower at one point. It was good for 3" of we snow downhill or 6" of powdery snow. Anything that came to the top of the blade would halt the mower even with chains. There's a reason John Deere makes a $1300 front powered blower you can drive around :D I...
  6. 2-door JL Orange Peelz Concept showcases removable hard top windows @ Chicago Auto Show

    I had a Sahara with Sky One Touch for a little over two years. One thing to note is the removable back windows squeak and need to have the rubber seals lubricated every month or two to avoid the styrofoam rubbing together sound over bumps. Removable hard windows are cool, and I do like this...
  7. 2019 JLU, something sliding across overhead speakers

    Ha - my '21 Willys has something in the back that slides back and forth around turns. I haven't tried to find it yet - just one of those Jeep features!
  8. STING GRAY Wrangler JL Club

    Custom paint job on my nephew’s birthday present. Yes it’s OEM Sting Gray 😁
  9. Selec-trac Vibration While Stopped

    Hello all! Just traded in my 2019 Sahara 6MT for a factory ordered 2021 2-door Willys. Went with the 2.0t/8-speed which are fantastic, and also picked the Selec-trac transfer case to help keep the mud terrains grippy on wet/slushy roads. Only about 650 miles on it, but noticed this right from...
  10. The uconnect system in 2020 Jeep is really really bad and disappointing

    Initial AirPlay adapter feedback is mixed. It does work, and it now defaults to USB. My phone connects to it automatically about 50% of the time. Otherwise I have to hit cancel on the screen then connect again. When it does auto-connect, it will go right to CarPlay. About a half second delay...
  11. The uconnect system in 2020 Jeep is really really bad and disappointing

    Yeah, it works but really it's pretty silly. I ordered a C2Play Air, thinking if I leave it plugged into the center console it will default to CarPlay which will accomplish what I'm looking for. I'll report back if the thing works.
  12. The uconnect system in 2020 Jeep is really really bad and disappointing

    Bringing this thread back to see if anyone has found a solution. Just traded in my 2019 Sahara w/8.4 for a 2021 Willys w/7.0 radio. I ordered it with the Alpine, but didn't care at all about the Nav with useless voice entry so I kept it simple. Every time I start the Jeep, the radio defaults...
  13. JL Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    My 2dr Willys ordered 2/6 rolled off the truck 3/10. Picked it up 3/11. Love it! Traded a 6MT loaded Sahara, and this is so much more fun to drive.
  14. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    Came off the truck today. 2/6 order, 3/9 on the lot. Picking up tomorrow!
  15. Installed new leather interior

    Very curious to see with the door panels matched. Those and the armrest being black have always bugged me about the OEM Saddle Brown option.
  16. Installed new leather interior

    Ok, I know where I'll get my quote from. I'm right out in Albany.
  17. 2021 Jeep Wrangler JL (2-Door) ORDER GUIDE

    Thanks, that removes any last doubts I had about my Willys order. Sting Gray was a firm requirement.
  18. JL Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    Overall timeline for me (Willys 2dr auto) Order: 2/6 VIN: 2/9 Build Start: 2/18 Build Compete: 2/19 Shipped: 2/19 Equipment List: 2/19 Window Sticker: 2/21 ETA to local rail yard: 3/2
  19. New York WTB: Rubicon 4xe Takeoffs (OWL)

    Looking for set of five Rubicon 4xe takeoffs with OWL tires and TPMS. Would also be interested in bare wheel (with or without TPMS) or perhaps a set of four from a Gladiator. Located in upstate New York. Willing to travel within reason in the northeast.