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  1. Why a two door is better than a four door

  2. Oil change at dealership warning

    Couldn't agree more. Yet members still love those "free" oil changes.
  3. Oil change at dealership warning

    You are right. The Mopar one used to cost ~$50 on Amazon. Perhaps this is a good aftermarket substitute...
  4. 2021 delete, tune, exhaust options??

    408,000 miles in three years. Wow!
  5. 2021 delete, tune, exhaust options??

    To test my assertion, try the PedalMonster before you install the Derringer. That way you'll see where the true perceptual gains are. You'll be surprised. I suspect that the Derringer gains are nearly impossible to detect seat-of-the-pants, while the PedalMonster will blow you away.
  6. 2021 delete, tune, exhaust options??

    I suspect that a Pedal Commander-equipped Jeep will feel markedly faster than a Derringer-equipped one. For me it's about the seat-of-the-pants experience. [I know. It seems counter-intuitive]
  7. Radar Detector Mount ideas?

    I'm a Waze fan, but it would suffer from lack of crowd-sourcing in a less populous area. Here in Maricopa County it seems to update nearly instantaneously.
  8. 2021 delete, tune, exhaust options??

    I haven't heard anything that has a significant enough improvement to justify foregoing your warranty - especially on a somewhat risky engine. And...the only one discussed on this group seems to have some drivability issues. [not to mention the environmental impact. which is what would...
  9. 392 wheel part number ?

    If their stock Rubi wheels TRULY weigh 21.6 lbs they wouldn't make it over a speed bump unscathed. Curious, what is your source for the 21.6 lbs? On a side note I once traveled to Ottawa on business in January and forgot to bring a coat (it's 75° here in January where in boarded the jet)...
  10. 392 wheel part number ?

    So we think that this wheel weighs 50% more (21.6 vs 31.0) that a stock Rubi wheel? A 21.6 lb wheel would break on your first off-road outing. [maybe even your first on-road outing]. Lightness is inversely proportional to strength.
  11. How much do your stock 392 wheels weigh?

    Not sure what to say except 21.6 lbs is REALLY light. I think that they may have meant 31.6 lbs.
  12. How much do your stock 392 wheels weigh?

    17" wheels that light require exotic materials (forged aluminum, magnesium or carbon fiber), and aren't made for Jeeps. My JK Rubicon wheels weighed 35 lbs.
  13. How much do your stock 392 wheels weigh?

    That seems about 10+ lbs too light. My AEV Borahs weigh 33 lbs. I can't imagine that the 392 wheels are any lighter.
  14. Finally a very neutral and fair enough Bronco vs Wrangler comparison

    Randy, is it your JK that doesn't seem to wander? My JKs also steered/tracked much better than my JL.
  15. Finally a very neutral and fair enough Bronco vs Wrangler comparison

    If Jeeps are so great :), why can't they put longer LCAs on Rubicons? Everyone and their dog knows they are .25" too short, and extending them largely corrects steering issues. The same issues that the road testers bring up as a major gripe every time. Jeep, are you listening? How much are...
  16. Spacer Lift Install Cost?

    I tackle some projects myself, and some I farm out. The suggestion above may be a bit too binary. I do my own income taxes, but I realize that not everyone wants to learn, and may even be nervous about what they'd miss that a pro would catch. Everyone is wired differently. Exact same thing here.
  17. Finally a very neutral and fair enough Bronco vs Wrangler comparison

    Why do we believe that magazine authors have sold out to either Ford or Jeep? I've seen this sentiment a lot lately. Why can't we believe that they are just reporting on their experiences? I haven't seen any critical comments about Jeep that aren't true based on my experience. Competition...
  18. Just look at this R&T article about why the Bronco is a better Wrangler

    Rivalries are healthy for both parties. [look no further than the introduction of the 392] Jeep has had a monopoly for decades. We should be happy that it's over.
  19. 1st oil change for diesel?

    Not sure that it's a waste of money if you count the oh shit factor. Lots of stuff can go wrong when the shop's least qualified technician works on your Jeep. There have been a dozen instances on here where the dealer used the wrong oil. Not to mention scratches, joy rides, and residual mess...