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  1. Any Audiophiles here?

    I’m one of those batshit crazy audiophiles that use vacuum tubes and vinyl and silly expensive cables and the like for my home system. But I stopped trying to go crazy in the car as the environment is too noisy. I did upgrade the 3.5” drivers to infinity kappa but otherwise plain stock and flat...
  2. Who has taken their JL on a long road trip and what was your experience like?!

    I did a 5000 mile road trip with my son in my JLR with a BestTop Sunrider. Two things surely helped - I had the full Stage 2 suspension kit from Synergy with Fox IFP shocks, steering stabilizer, drag link and tie rod, which made the ride super Cush, and I did the seat tilt mod and added a dead...
  3. 2 door Rubicon for offroading and camping

    I did this trip in my JLR this summer. Get your reservations in early for sites - there are a few in Ouray. You want to have three to four full days to get trails in near Ouray. We averaged 2trails a day, didn’t do black bear. I installed a Hooke Road shelf rack for the rear (thread) and only a...
  4. Lock'er Down Center Console Safe Install

    yes, the paint inside the numbers
  5. Lock'er Down Center Console Safe Install

    Only one nit with the Lockr Down - the 4 number combo locks have white painted numbers and over time, the paint wears off on your selected numbers. Worth getting a pick and scraping paint off the rest of them or a thief could easily find your combination .
  6. Stay away from Rairdon's Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Kirkland

    Glad you did well. Autonation wasn’t dealing when I bought my Rubicon and my RAM. Odd that Dwayne Lane wouldn’t step up - did you chat with Paul?
  7. Black Bear Pass

    Answering my own post. Sway bars absolutely disconnected on these trails, and I aired down to 22 psi which was fine. The gas stations in Telluride (on the outside of town) offer free air, so didn’t have to get out the compressor. On Imogene I used the front and rear lockers on a few sections on...
  8. Let's see those 2-Door JL pics!

    In Ouray this week!
  9. Synergy MFG 2" Lift Starter System

    Trail report - the Synergy setup performed wonderfully on my current Ouray outing. On Imogene Pass, there are a few sections where I was at a 25-30 degree pitch and where my stock Rubicon would have scraped on rocks or smacked a rear bumper as I came off a ledge. My JL handled it without issue...
  10. Synergy MFG 2" Lift Starter System

    Here are some pix of my Stage 1 with steering kit, sector shaft brace, and front and rear links. In Ouray this week so a good way to test it. Running 35’s. Not sure I need the upper LCAs or the rear lower LCA. Any reason? Drives wonderfully. On road it is smooth and stable at 75-80 on the...
  11. Black Bear Pass

    Watching these videos, a few questions: Do they have their front sway bars disconnected? what do you think they aired down to in order to keep traction on the steps?
  12. Black Bear Pass

    Headed to Ouray this coming Thursday if anyone will also be there. Looks like it might be wet as weather is showing 40% chance of rain, hope Black Bear is dry!
  13. Modified rear cargo shelf for 2 door soft top

    Visited my local metal fab guy. He devised a super simple flat bracket - basically a longer strip of metal, which he welded a bolt onto. The rear hole uses the stock JL mounting holes and bolts. The front of the Hooke‘s side bracket Fits over the welded on bolt (He drilled an extra Hole to fit...
  14. Midland mxt275 GMRS radio questions

    So sooner or later the little plastic disc that clips the mic to a mount will break. It’s held on by the smallest of screws and weak plastic base. I tried super gluing mine the first time but it broke again. The fix was to buy a Firestick universal mic mount button, part number RMB1. About $8...
  15. Things you have learned the Hard way about owning a Jeep.

    I learned that you have to invest another $4-6k on top of what you paid for a Rubicon to turn it into a worthy off road vehicle. Out of the gate, my JLR had squishy coils and would hit bump stops easily on the tamest of trails. A mild lift, shocks, steering kit, and some other upgrades, and...

    Another before and after the Synergy Stage 1 lift:
  17. Synergy Stage 1 lift (and steering kit) install

    While there is a nice long thread about the Synergy Starter kit, I hadn’t seen one about their Stage 1 kit, which lifts a Rubicon a true 2”and adds a track bar, lower control arms, rear track bar relocation bracket, and leaves out the shock and sway bar link brackets that the starter system...
  18. Black Bear Pass

    Thanks. I’m on a 9 day road trip now through Montana towing my Travel trailer - Jeep is at home and I’m thinking of doing Black Bear in a few weeks, but the COVID thing has me rethinking it. It’s been nice to control my living situation in my trailer and meals, but not excited at having to deal...
  19. Black Bear Pass

    Great video especially the drone shots. I’m also from WA. What was your route to CO? Did you do hotels or camp?